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I have always been a curious soul searching for meaning in life. After intense soul searching, digging deep into the purpose fad and starting to live an intentional life, I found some answers floating in my mind. The meaning in life seemed so obvious yet so mysterious. I brought my thoughts and learning to paper and then to my blog with my ‘A Meaningful life‘ article.

My thoughts and learning are not the ultimate truth I realize and that is what keeps me on this path of growth. I created a set of intentions once I started my intentional living journey but something just felt incomplete. I then went ahead and created a set of values that would align with my true self. These values were definitely the missing piece in the puzzle.

I have defined 8 personal values that I embody to lead a blissful life. When going over my values this morning, I felt like 1 of them was a basic value that every person should embody to live a blissful life. This is exactly what I want to share in this post. If you want a more meaningful and blissful life, accept this values and follow it.

personal values to change your life

What are Personal Values?

Personal values are a set of non-negotiable principals that bring meaning to your life. If this sounds like too much big talk, then let me simplify it for you. Personal values define what you believe in as a person. These beliefs should obviously serve your life in a positive light.

Personal values are not same as religious, cultural or even family values. They are the things that define your life experiences, personality and visions. They are usually affected by external factors as well but the best practice is to see what resonates from the within.

Let us look at with a simple example. One important value of my life is ‘service’. Now this value resonates with me on various levels like my inner peace and outer surrounding. I feel at bliss when I help someone in any way and that triggered this value for me. Also, in my country, India, thousands of people are uneducated, hungry and homeless which really drowns my heart with sorrow. Serving other people, no matter how small is one of my value and it brings me inner peace and makes me a good citizen at the same time.

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A dear friend of mine has a value of ‘cleanliness’. She believes it is good for our mind and body as it brightens the mood and is hygienic. This is what matters to her and which is why she follows it as a value. You can have your own set of personal values that bring you bliss in life.

Most of your values will be unique to you but there is one that everyone should follow. This is something I have recently adopted and has been a life changer. Read along if you want to bring real change in your life. Also, if you are into intention setting, get my intention setting workbook below.

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Self Integrity

Self integrity is staying true to the word that you give yourself. This means, when you promise yourself that you will do something, you actually do it. I usually find people keeping every word they give others – if they say they will do something them, they will do it. But so many people do not have the same integrity with themselves.

How many times have you told yourself things like ‘I will wake up early’, ‘I will eat healthy’ or ‘I will clean the house today’, and ended up not doing it? I have done it too and I also know it has harmed me to a great extent. What harm does it make, you ask? Here are just a few of them –

  • Your self-trust go down the drain
  • You do not believe in yourself leading to lower self confidence
  • You end up doing something you shouldn’t be doing and hence you damage your life
  • This is kind cheating on yourself and hence you feel guilty most of the time

I think these are enough to make my point and I hope you see how lack of self integrity puts you in a negative mindset. This value is of utmost importance in your life because it defines your identity. Your self image is dictated by your level of self integrity.

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I took up this value from the book ‘The 4 Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz. The 1st agreement in the book is to be impeccable with your word. I soon realized that you need to be impeccable with the word you give yourself if you want to change your life.

This value is a life changer but very difficult at the same time. Start holding yourself accountable for every time you make a promise to yourself. You are improving your relationship with yourself through this exercise.

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