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One thing that I truly believe in life is “Your habits shape your future.” I have been obsessing about developing good habits ever since I read the book TheSlight Edge by Jeff Olson. One of my favorite quotes from the book is “Simple disciplines repeated over time will create success, while simple mistakes repeated over time will create failure.”
          So today I want to focus on the bad habits i.e. the “simple mistakes”, which we do in our daily lives. Well, I am not going to talk about the obvious bad habits such as unhealthy food, watching excessive television or even smoking or drinking.
          So what am I going to talk about? Well I am going to expose the bad habits disguised as “natural habits.” We do these things every single day and do not realize how it affects us negatively. These are the habits you need to give up now!
          Few months ago, when I started my self-improvement regime, I noticed that these little things affected my productivity and overall growth. Trust me, these things are bad news in disguise. Check out which one of these resonate to you. And also get your good habit toolkit in your mail by clicking here. 

1. Multiple Alarms

          I am sure that more than half of us are guilty of this one. I literally had like 5-10 alarms every 5 minutes in the morning. Okay, so why is this bad? Getting up with multiple alarms hinders your productivity. When you put multiple alarms, firstly you show distrust in yourself and secondly you offer leniency to yourself. Same thing is true for the snooze button. I suggest you to set one alarm and remove the snooze option. This way your brain remembers that if you turn this alarm off and go back to sleep, you could possibly be waking up in the next century. So basically the bottom line is that your brain becomes more proactive and that improves your productivity.

3. The ‘story’ trend

          When snapchat came, it was such an innovative social media app. We loved the concept of sharing our life through pictures and it became a trend. And now, each and every communication app has incorporated the “story” feature. Instagram, facebook and even whatsapp wants you to share your stories. This has completely changed the nature of our outings. We are busy clicking the perfect snaps rather than enjoying the company, destination or atmosphere. This has kept us away from the real essence of life. Best thing to do in such situations is, take a quick picture and keep your phone away!

 4. Weekends = Lazy days

         Weekends are for sleeping in and doing no work at all. I have lived by this principle for years. And it is recently that I found out the value of these weekends. I am not talking about going on adventures and trips each weekend and I am not even asking you to get up at 6 am on a Sunday. All I am saying is, get up late, but when you do, engage yourself in activities that you don’t do on your weekdays. You can make your weekends “pamper days” and engage in self-care, or you can do some de-cluttering or even just self-reflection. Don’t waste 28% of your week in sleeping around and doing nothing. This is also a major reason why so many of us hate Mondays! So do something on weekends that fills you with joy and not laziness.

5. Spending in the wrong places:

          This is a very important thing that I picked up from an inspiring Youtuber, muchelleb who talks about intentional living. In one of her videos she pointed out that so many of us prefer to spend on few cheap clothes over a nice brunch with friends or family. We spend our money in the wrong places and that affects us in long run. I used to spend so much money on clothes I never wore and shoes I ended up disliking. Before you spend money asses the value it brings to your life. Always remember, “Pay money in return for value.” A great piece of clothing will bring you value when you wear it and feel good. I have started to make a shift towards intentional living. It simply means, everything that you do should be with a set intention. We all should start this journey with intentional spending!
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