5 Life Changing Habits for Success

“Life Changing Habits” is one of my favorite topics in this realm of self-development because I think that is where everything starts. Habits can make or break you because they are the building blocks of your future. Good habits manifest into massive success and bad habits lead to extended struggle.

About an year ago I wrote a blog post ‘7 Life Changing Habits’ where I talk about some powerful habits that can change anyone’s life. Those habits are something a lot of people talk about and for this post, I want to share some of my personal habits that are not so common. These habits have been life changing for me and are more specific and in depth.

Ultimate resource to Break and Build Habits

Building habits was the biggest challenge I faced when I started my personal growth journey. I would always start a habit with great amount of motivation and few days down the line, I would just become inconsistent. I read numerous books listened to tons of podcasts and went through crazy number of resources.

After absorbing all these resources, I understood the psychology behind habit building and breaking. I have created a kit with info-guide and worksheets to help you in building good habits and breaking bad habits. If you are interested in a Habit Mastery Kit, you can get it on my Etsy shop by clicking right here!

Let’s look at my top 5 Life changing Habits!

1. Transition Meditation

Meditation is one of the 7 life changing habits that I have already shared. Today, I want to talk about one specific type of meditation that I practice. Transition meditation means meditating while transitioning from one state to the other. I have two types of transition meditations that I practice every single day.

Into Sleep Meditation –

I love meditating while going to sleep because that helps me have a peaceful sleep. I get a lot of dreams during my sleep and if I am in a wrong state of mind when I sleep, these dreams turn into nightmares. A better sleep also helps me have more energy for the next day.

I use the sleep music from the calm app for this meditation session. The meditation routine goes as follows –

  • Start sleep music from calm app
  • Gratitude statements for all the good things that happened in the day
  • Visualizing the next day
  • (If I am still not asleep, I go ahead with this step) Visualize my dream life

Seeping with these high vibes has been amazing and life changing. I sleep better, feel happier and my manifestations have been quicker.

Out of Sleep Meditation –

I have struggled with making myself get out of bed and this meditation has helped me overcome the problem. Out of sleep meditation helps in getting myself out of the sleepy mood to the slay your day mood. This has also helped my morning grumpiness and my family is grateful for that!

My morning meditation goes something like this –

  • Turn off the alarm and fold my blanket
  • Sit upright with my legs folded and palms on my knees
  • Start with morning affirmations such as ‘I am happy & content being’, ‘My body feels healthy and fit’, ‘I am a productive girl-boss who gets things done’ and so many more.
  • I end my meditation with my intentional statement!

This meditation just sets the perfect tone for my day and helps my mental heath to a great extent.

2. Book Notes

Everyone is well aware about the importance of reading to bring in some real change. I loved reading fiction books ever since I was a child. My interest in reading non-fiction books flourished a few years ago.

Reading non fiction books is highly insightful and life changing. But there is just one problem. Once you are done with the book, the lessons and values don’t translate in real life. In that case, what is the point of reading these books? This struggle was taking me away from reading when I came across the idea of book notes.

Initially, I started highlighting key points in the book itself and adding post it notes where necessary. But I realized that once the book was closed, I did not open it to read these points. So then I got a notebook where I maintained all the necessary notes. This helped a lot as I started to open my notebook and scan it on weekends for refreshing those lessons!

Very recently, I have come up with the most exciting way of maintaining my book extracts! I maintain a reading journal where I track these things –

  • Reading log – To keep a track of how much I read everyday and the amount of time I spend on it!
  • Quotes – I love making a collection of all the quotes from the books I read to inspire me from time to time
  • Book Log – To maintain a track of the books I read and how much I liked them
  • Book Review – To have a detailed overview of the book I read!
  • Notes – To maintain any other necessary notes.

I have created a printable journal with all the pages that I use personally which you can check out on my etsy shop. Click here if you want to check out this amazing reading journal!

3. Reflection Journaling –

This is one of the best habits that I have inculcated this year. If you guys have been following me for some time, you know how much I am into journaling (especially the morning pages). Also, I love life audits and I have a post on how to do a life audit. I brought these two together to start reflection journaling.

So I do reflection journaling once every single week, mostly on Sundays. This is a free form journaling with certain guidelines to give me some direction. The questions that I ask myself change every week, but let me just give you and idea.

  • How did you feel last week?
  • What is something that made you the most happy?
  • How is the health of your relationship?
  • What is something you wanted to do, but ended up not doing? Why?
  • What was something you did not want to do, but ended up doing anyway? Why?

I use these questions sometimes when I have these specific thoughts in my mind. For most other weeks, I journal everything that is on my mind with respect to major areas of my life. I put up a header with the area of my life and start rambling. The major areas I love to cover are –

  • Career
  • Physical health
  • Mind
  • Spirituality
  • Relationship
  • Social bonds

This type of journaling is easy to do and super effective because it helps you pinpoint the problems you might be facing. Also, in my experience, I will come up with possible solutions in my reflection journaling sessions itself. I usually like doing this on Sunday nights for like an hour or so.

4. Designated Me-Time

Being an introvert, this habit came to me out of necessity. But I believe this can be a life changing habit for both introverts and extroverts. This is a little close to self-care session but has a different role to play.

In this age of socializing, it gets so difficult to have some ‘me-time’. This is exactly why I started marking 2 hours of me-time on my calendar every week. If anybody asks me if I have time I simply deny saying that I have a appointment.

What should you do in this me-time? Well, anything! Of Course, except social media, phone calls and outings. I sometimes play music and sit gazing out of the window, go on my terrace and just sit with the wind or sometimes I read a book with a hot cup of coco. Spend time with yourself – have a self-date! This helps you know yourself better, boosts self-compassion and increases overall well-being.

5. Bedtime Brain-dump 

I have always struggled to fall asleep at night because I am a self-certified over-thinker. Initially when I started my transition meditation, I struggled to bring my mind to gratitude and visualization because I would keep on thinking about all the work that I have to get done the next day.

Bedtime brain dump is something that helped me control my over-thinking. Before I start y meditation, I will sit down on my bed, take my bedside notepad and write down everything I was thinking. I have two sections, tasks and ideas. I put down all my thoughts in one of these sections to help me organize my thoughts.

This makes me feel that all my ideas and thoughts are taken care of. I feel like I can rest and when I wake up, I can pick all this up. Many times, lack of sleep comes due to the fear that these thoughts will fade away by morning and that would not be good. This is why our mind keeps us awake to keep those ideas safe. Jotting them down relaxes the mind and helps you have all your ideas on paper, ready to be worked on when you are fresh and energetic.

These were my top 5 habits that changed my life. I would love to know what habits have changed your life. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I am so glad that you liked the article!
    Regarding procrastination and inconsistency, the best thing that works for me is having a strong purpose or intention behind whatever it is that I am trying to do. Keep revisiting your purpose and motivation will follow. Hope this helps!

  2. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or
    something. I think that you could do with a few
    pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that,
    this is great blog. A great read. I’ll definitely be back.

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