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Visualization is one of the most powerful exercises for life changing experiences. You might have heard about it in your law of attraction research or while understanding the subconscious mind. I have tried various visualization techniques and seen excellent results from each one of them.

I know that not everyone can simply close their eyes and imagine having what they want. What triggers me might not trigger someone else and that is all right. This is exactly why I want to share some visualization techniques so that you can choose the one that suits you.

These techniques are quite easy to follow and simple to use. Play around with each one and see what suits you the best. The important thing here is to feel the way you would feel when you have what you want.

Vision Board

I am sure that you have heard the vision board technique like a thousand times already. But before you scroll down tell me one thing, have you been using this technique right? Just having a set of pictures up on your wall will not be as beneficial as you might expect.

If you want to know how to create a vision board that actually works, I have a separate post for that which you can check out right here. But what I am trying to convey here is how to use it. Now I am considering that you have followed all the guidelines in this post to use create the board and it is placed somewhere you will actually see it.

This vision board is to bring on the image in your mind. So when you look at that picture on your vision board, close your eyes and see yourself in that exact image. Once you are there and look around. If you are imagining yourself on a beach in maldives then just appreciate the beautiful blue ocean and the white sand. Just be super appreciate of the things you see and  your vibe will start to thrive.

Vision board is ideal for someone who finds it difficult to visualise the images and surroundings. I had a vision board for quite long, it was extremely motivating and created a positive vibe but I have recently shifted to this next technique.

Music Visualization

I know this heading makes no sense to you but trust me that this technique is super helpful! I learnt this technique from Erin Henry who is seriously one of my favorite youtubers of all time. This technique is how she implements visualisation and I myself tried it with amazing results.

Have you ever watched a movie where a song plays in the background while the characters live their lives. Well, this technique is somewhere similar to that. Let me give you a step by step breakdown to implement this technique –

  1. Write down your visions (career, relationships, travel or any other thing)
  2. Find songs that resonate your visions. For example, if you are seeking the love of your life, find some romantic songs or if you want a successful career find some powerful songs.
  3. Listen to these songs and imagine that they are the running in background while you live your dream life.
  4. Your energy will be to the point!
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This technique has been a game changer for me (I am obsessing over ‘Skyline’ by Olivia Penalva). Go to your music app, make your playlist and get started with this vitualization technique.


‘Isn’t meditation the state where you don’t think anything?’ Is this what you are thinking right now? Well, there are various forms of meditation and that ‘nothing’ stage is realised quite later in the journey. But there are other ways to meditate as well such as breathing meditation, guided meditation or focus meditation.

This visualization technique is based on the focus meditation concept. In your case, the thing you re going to focus on is your goal or desire. Sit down for a meditation practice and follow these steps.

  1. Put up soothing background music. (I highly recommend an app called Calm, but you can check youtube for some other varieties.)
  2. Sit in a comfortable position with you back straight, but not uptight.
  3. Start by observing your breath until you feel comfortable and calm.
  4. Think of any one desire or goal that you have.
  5. Put yourself in the place where you have just realised that you have manifested what you wanted.

If it brings a smile on your face, smile and just tell yourself that you are proud, happy and satisfied. If another thoughts start creeping in, just start thinking what you would do next, who would you call and tell about it, stay on that desire for as long as you can.

This is the best visualization technique amongst all the 5, but honestly, it takes time to get good at it. If you have the patience to better yourself, try this technique and see how powerful it really is.

Visualization Script

This visualization technique is perfect for the times when your mind feels distracted. I personally use this whenever I feel anxious or upset because writing just always makes things so much better.

Have you ever written a diary before? Or maybe you write about your day in a journal. The same concept goes into this visualization technique. Take out your journal or a notebook and start writing about your ideal day as if it has already happened. You could start with “Dear diary, today was a great day. I…” and so on.

Since you are writing things down, there are minimum chances of you being distracted by random thoughts. And since you are writing about this as if it has happened, as if you have it, it helps in creating that required energy and vibrations! If you need help, you can try the present me vs future me technique as well where you write down how you are and want to be in different areas of life.

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Always try describing the situation in as much detail as possible. The best tip here is to write about each of your senses. Let me explain! We have 5 basic senses namely sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. So write about what you see, hear smell taste and touch. For example, if you are trying to manifest weight loss, you can write “I started my day with a glass of refreshing green tea while I saw my beautiful body in the mirror. I went off to gym and worked out on my favourite song and felt my flat stomach do 3 sets of abs.”

Suit your situation and make your script. When you describe your ideal life in such detail, you cannot stop your mind from reaching the sweet spot of high vibrations.

Self Hypnosis

If you are following this blog for sometime, you know how much I believe in the power of the subconscious mind. The self hypnosis technique was introduced to me through an amazing podcast, the unconventional life where Jake Ducey was interviewed. I have talked about one of his techniques in ‘Master your Mindset – 3 Effective Techniques’. The other technique I picked up from that episode was self hypnosis.

You don’t need a hypnosis tape for this because you are going to create one yourself. Follow these steps to create your own self hypnosis tape.

  1. Write down your desires in for of statement in second person. e.g. You are a successful Sales manager at XYZ company.
  2. Write down supporting statements to it. e.g. You are a charismatic leader and calm thinker. You are appreciated loved by your bosses as well as colleagues.
  3. Start the voice recorder app.
  4. Put on that meditation music in background and in a calm tone, say these statements out loud.

This is your self hypnosis tape and you can listen to this on a repeat for a good 15 minutes every single day. But always remember the key here, don’t just listen, feel knowing that it’s all true. This method is the sweet spot between visualization script and meditation. You can use this on days you are in a hurry or just not getting into the visualization zone.

I hope you try out these techniques and make sure to tell me about your results. Also, I would love to know if you know any other visualization techniques. Leave them down here down below or send me an email to neha@mystigal.com.

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