5 ways to hack your morning routine and achieve massive success

How many times have you created morning routines, followed them for a day or two and given up? I failed at having a successful morning routine for over an year. But, in the month of March, I started a new morning routine and I am happy to inform you that I haven’t missed a day yet.
Things have gone up and down, days have looked really uncertain at times but my consistency wad surprising to me as well. When i realized this, I did some reviewing and found out 5 key elements to this success. This is exactly what I want to share with you right here.

Why do you need a morning routine?

Morning routine is a crucial ritual of my life because it brings sanity to my life. Starting your day with some activities you love can change your entire day and maybe your life over a period of time.
In a broader view, morning routine has amazing benefits such as –
  • Cultivating good habits and improving your life.
  • Bringing self discipline to your lifestyle which elevates your self worth.
  • Having a greater control over your life as you put in some life altering rituals such as exercise or meditation.

There are many other such uses but i hope you get the gist. I want to focus on hacking your morning routine so let us dive deeper into that.

My Morning Routine

I am giving the key factors that helped me have sucess at morning routines. So I just wanted to give you a quick overview of my morning routine so that you get better understanding of these hacks.
My morning routine usually looks something like this  –
  • Get up and freshen up
  • Drink a mason jar full of water with some squeezed lemon while I write down my life visions.
  • Write something – A blog post, an email or simply a journal page.
  • Go for a run and do some yoga.
  • Meditate.
  • Make and have breakfast as I read a book.
My mornings also include making my lunch box and watching some YouTube but that is not a part of my morning routine as it is highly subjective. Remember, not everything you do in the morning makes up your morning routine.

5 Hacks to a Successful Morning Routine

Let’s get to the real stuff now! If you want to know how to stick to a morning routine and improve your life, implement each of these hacks in your morning routines and see the magic. Let’s get started.


I am not asking you to kiss someone in the morning (which you totally can). In this context, K.I.S.S means “Keep It Simple Silly”. Keep your morning routine simple and let me elaborate on how simple am I talking.

An year ago, I created this perfect morning routine where I got some exercise done, wrote in my gratitude journal, cooked food and all other godly things. I could never keep it up because it was so overwhelming. Every single time I heard a new habit, I decided to pick it up in my morning routine and real soon, it all fell apart.

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So I am talking very simple here. If you are struggling to understand which habits should make it to your morning routine, I would suggest you looking into your intentions. If you are not into intentional living, here are a few pointers to help you come up with a few things.

Do a life audit and identify your life pain points i.e. points of concern. Once you know where to focus in life, it becomes easier to redirect your energy towards the right things. So do this life audit, and pick up 3 habits that could make a difference to those pain points.

If there were 3 things that made your life better, what would they be? (3 is the key. No more. No Less.) For me, my 3 things are writing to help me express myself better, reading to gain knowledge and thereby confidence and some mindful yoga and meditation to keep my mind and body in perfect balance.

Keep it simple, doable and realistic. That is the foundation for the success of your morning routine.

Make it flexible

You might have had days when you woke up late, had to rush or had an emergency. Just a friendly reminder, you are going to keep having such days in the future. I have had them too and I have not given up on my morning routine no matter what. How was this possible? It was possible because it was flexible.

I can complete my morning routine in 3 hours but I can also do all of that in 45 minutes. Yes, you heard me right! I pull off the 45 minutes routine on the days I wake up late or every Thursday morning when I have to go to work early. Let me tell you how you can make it flexible.

I have a 40 minute yoga routine as well as a 12 minute routine. And, I know quick breakfast recipes and I maintain a manifestation handbook for the days I feel like just reading my gratitude lists and visions lists. I am rigid about following my morning routine but not about how long or how much I do it. Make your routine flexible, have short versions of each ritual in case of emergencies and this way you will be less likely to miss a day.

These first two hacks make up for 80% of my success with morning routines. So if you wanted just 2 takeaways from this article, pick these two! Others add immense value to the success, but these two hacks are the core of it.

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Start with the WHY

If you want to incorporate a morning routine in your life, you have to get up early and if you struggle with that, your mornings can be pretty hard. I get it because I have had similar struggles. The best way to start your day is by writing down your visions or goals or intentions or anything that justifies you waking up so early.

I picked up this habit from Amy Landino, one of my all time favorite YouTuber. She writes down  her goals every single morning to start her day off with a purpose. I love this concept because it brings meaning into the day and we all want to live meaningful lives at the end of the day.

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Design a flow

I cannot talk enough about the importance of the flow in transforming your morning schedule a morning routine. When you design a morning routine, see how one thing flows into the other and if that helps. For example, I drink lemon water and write my goals down and follow it with some writing. The lemon water wakes my mind up, goals give me purpose and I channel it through my words.

If you maintain a harmonious flow in your routine, the schedule will start to feel effortless and thereby become a routine. It feels so natural to do some meditation after yoga, where I stretch my body, open my mind and then read to take in new information. I feed my body and mind together with reading and breakfast and that is one of the other important mind-body balancing technique that I follow.

Seasonal Refresh

There is no one thing suites all type of morning routine in this world. You need to refresh your routines based on seasons. For example, we have summer going on here in India and I try to incorporate running in my mornings. This will get impossible when rain hits in July and I will have to hit refresh to my morning routine.

There are two types of seasonal changes that you will deal with –

  1. Surrounding season change – Based on the atmosphere, temperature or overall outside situation in your surrounding, you will have to make some changes. On winter mornings I enjoy a cup of green tea to start my mornings but in the hot summer lemon water does the job. These are tiny changes which make a difference to my overall mood but don’t make a drastic change in my overall mornings.
  2. Life season change – When you move from one phase to the next in our life, change is inevitable. If you are leaving school and starting with a job, getting married or simply moving to a new neighborhood, changes will come along. When I started with my job, having a heavy breakfast became my routine because I would have lunch later than usual.

Adjusting and adapting to your surrounding is the key for your morning routines. But here is the thing, you should try and modify your routine and not change it every single time.   Make small changes as per the season in your life or surroundings. Change is good but if you can incorporate change with consistency, nothing like it!

Morning routines can be a blessing if done with consistency. I hope you start crushing your routines with these tips that have worked for me in staying consistent with my own routine. Let me know your thought or tips below!

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