7 Life Changing Habits for a Sucessful Life

We all want to enrich our lives in different aspects such as career, personal or health. How do we actually do it? Well, honestly, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes to achieve this goal. Positive life changing alterations do not happen overnight. You have to take baby steps towards it, and these baby steps are called good life changing habits. Doing these life changing habits every single day for months together will bring in life change.

There are few habits that work wonders in all fronts of your life. These are self-development habits that will fuel great achievements. Cultivate these life changing habits in your daily routine to witness life changing alterations. Also read 5 Habits to give up now to get all set for a drastic life change.

1. One Good Deed

Here “good deed” does not necessarily mean big donations or working for a social cause. One good deed daily represents small actions of kindness. It can be anything such as buying a meal for a homeless person or helping your partner with their work or even helping a child reach his chair. An action that helped someone and made them feel happy is my definition of a good deed.

This will be life changing in a very powerful sense. It will improve your self-image and empower your self-love. This will boost your confidence and help you be a kinder and empowered version of yourself.

2. Meditation

I know you have probably heard this a thousand times, but I want to put a different light on the perks of meditation. How does meditation help your day-to-day life? Meditation has practical benefits as well as spiritual benefits. Mediation helps you to become self-aware. So how does it help you practically? I will get to that in a minute.

We are impulsive human beings, that is, we react before even giving a thought to our reaction. Meditation makes you aware of your actions and thereby gives you a chance to choose your actions wisely. It would truly be life changing if you took right actions and avoided the wrong ones.

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3. Self Care

We are all slaves to people’s expectations and opinions. This is a brutal reality of life. We spend most of our day in fulfilling expectations of our parents, spouse or bosses. Although fulfilling these expectations gives you happiness, you should also save some time for yourself!

Have a daily self-care routine, even if it is just for 15 minutes. Drink a hot beverage, moisturize your skin, watch your favorite TV show, practice affirmations, smile and talk to yourself. Do all of these or some of these every single day. You deserve some special treatment by yourself. Keep this time to disconnect from the world and love yourself

4. Move your body

We all know how a workout is essential for our health. But most of us find reasons and excuses to avoid it. For all those who do not have a workout session in their daily schedule, I suggest you to move your body in other daily tasks. Let me explain this. You could take a walk in the nature, take the stairway instead of elevator or do some yoga stretches when you wake up. This will help you have a healthy lifestyle without having to go for an intense workout session. Check out, Small Changes for a healthy lifestyle for some more tips.

Moving your body helps in streaming energy in your day and increases your productivity. You feel fresh and enthusiastic all throughout the day and helps you in getting more done.

5. 10 pages

This habit has changed my life personally in a very positive sense. Read 10 pages of a good book every single day. Practicing this habit will result in reading over 12 books a year. Reading starts as a habit but eventually turns into a hobby and this hobby will change your life.

Why should you read books? Books are a powerful way to gain knowledge, change perspective and develop yourself. I would urge you to read self-development books or biographies. These books are written from the experience of successful men and women which is motivating and inspiring.  Fictional books do not encourage personal growth but can help you increase you vocabulary and see possibilities in life. Start reading any book of your choice to encourage positive changes.

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6. Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most common tool of the Law of attraction. This can also be used apart from the law of attraction aspect. Gratitude basically helps you see the brighter side. If you are struggling through a difficult patch in life, gratitude helps you see all the good things that you have.

Pure happiness comes from the feeling of satisfaction. This feeling of satisfaction can be achieved with practicing gratitude. Write down three things that you are grateful for every single day. This will bring bliss to your life.

7. Disconnect

Social media and internet help us connect with people throughout the world. This being true, we need to remember to disconnect as well. On the path of connecting with other people we forget the ones we have by our side. We also forget ourselves and the things that matter the most. So disconnect from this social media.

The best practice is to switch off your internet connection an hour before you sleep. Have real talk and spend quality time with your family, review your life, set your goals or just listen to some music. This will help you disconnect from the virtual world and reconnect to the real life.

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