9 Tools for Motivation

            Motivation is easy to achieve but equally difficult to maintain. Feeling bursts of motivation at a time and then nothing for quite long is so common for most of us. The real challenge is to overcome these flat phases and stay high on enthusiasm and inspiration. I have encountered these 9 tools on my journey which are powerful to overcome demotivation.

                                                      1. Journals

            Journaling is a very powerful habit that will transform your life. I am a big fan of bullet journals and recommend it to each and every one. Bullet journals are structured yet flexible. Journals in general, help in reflecting your life on a notebook and evaluating your life. They help you stay organized and on track.
            How can you use journals for motivation, you ask? There are so many ways to do that. I will list out the most effective methods here. These methods when followed consistently will help you stay motivated.
~ Gratitude log – Writing down the things that you are grateful for will keep you positive, satisfied and hence motivated. When you see the bright parts of your life, there is less possibility of demotivation to sneak in.
~Morning Pages – This concept is very empowering. Writing down everything that comes into your mind without thinking about the grammar or spellings or even without making any actual sense. This helps you in going to the root cause of your problems and makes you feel light hearted. I have picked up this method from Lavendaire who is one of my favourite youtubers of all time.
~Trackers and reviews – Tracking and reviewing your habits, successes and failures is a huge source of motivation. I have talked about this in my post How to cultivate a habit? These trackers and reviews help us visually see our consistency and commitment.

2. Planners

          JOURNALS AND PLANNERS ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Okay yes, this had to be highlighted. Many people have confused journals as planners or planners as journals. Not going in too much detail, I will just distinguish the two. Journals are customizable and include any random stuff that is relevant to your life. But planners on the other hand are systematic tools that help you stay organized.
            Planners are for someone who likes to be organized and have everything planned out. The best way to use planners is a systematic process.
Step 1 – Define your life goals
        2 – Breakdown the goals to 1 year
        3 – Plan your year/month/week/day so as to reach this goal.
            Having planned out these things systematically helps you stay motivated. To-do lists or checklists are an amazing way to get a feeling of accomplishment. Get systematic, plan everything out, know what you exactly what you need to get done and keep slaying.                                    


3. Videos

         Books may not be your first choice, but still you can listen to other people for their experience and success stories. What better way than videos. Videos are generally short and to the point. By watching these videos you don’t have to commit your time for more than 30-40 minutes.
            There are various motivational speakers out there who you should listen to. But the best video source without a doubt is the Ted Talks. On this platform, you can come across people from different paths of life with different ideologies and experiences. These talks will leave you nothing but inspired. Some other amazing sources include:
TEDx Talks
Basquiat Picasso
The School of Life


4. Podcasts

            Podcasts are a sweet spot between videos and books. You don’t have to commit a large amount of time and at the same time you don’t have to engage your focus on watching the video. Podcasts are longer than most videos and have high amount of value packed in.
            Podcasts enable you to MULTITASK. This is a huge time-saver and that is why I absolutely love podcasts. You can listen to these podcasts as you drive, clean your house or even take a shower. This is a great toll for anyone who is pre-consumed with too much stuff. My favorite podcasts are:
The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders
The Lavendaire Lifestyle
Unconventional life with Jules Schroeder 


5. Vision Board

            Vision boards, I feel, is a completely under-rated tool. It is not just a tool for the law of attraction but also for sustainable motivation. The idea of a vision board is to visually remind yourself about your goals. It can depict the kind of person you want to be, the kind of life you want to live or kind of things you want to own.
            When you have a vision board put up on a place you frequently see, it helps you remember your goals and hence keep working for it. It has a very strong role in the law of attraction as well, but for those of you who do not believe in this law, it will provide you with a constant reminder of your ideal life. Also check out – How to Create a Vision Board that actually works!

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                                                    6. Books

        Reading is deep conditioning for your mind. It keeps your mind healthy from the inside. Books in general are a great source of inspiration for any person in any phase of life. . If we had to learn everything with our own experience, life would be really hard. Books provide us with so much of knowledge based on other people’s experiences. It is a powerful source to connect to successful people and get inspired.

 Reading novels and fiction can be entertaining. But if your goal is to get and stay motivated, I would suggest you to read personal development or success books. Biographies are also great sources of motivation. These books will change your perspective towards life and motivate you to do your best. Some of my personal favourite books include:
~The magic of thinking big
~Four Agreements

7. Rewards

            When you go out grocery shopping and get reward points for your purchase, it really makes you excited to shop more and more, right? We want to accumulate these reward points for one day when you can redeem them and shop for free. Now let us apply this concept to our lives.
            Reward yourself after achieving all those mini-goals that you set for yourself. These mini-goals should be building blocks for your ultimate goal. This way, you keep moving forward in small increments and the rewards keep motivating you to accumulate more of such accomplishments. These mini-goals will one fine day turn out to give you the life you have always wanted.

8. Conversations with like-minded people

              This tool is highly effective as it involves human contact. Talking to people with similar vibes can shift your motivation levels to a great extent. When you talk to people who understand your journey, it becomes easier to feel secure.

These like-minded people are not necessarily your close friends and family. You can connect with such people, thanks to the technology, through the internet. There are so many specific groups on Facebook, communities on google plus and many such other platforms where you can connect with people sharing your interests and ambitions.

9. Meditation

          Meditation is less of a spiritual ritual and more or a self-development activity. There are so many ways to perform meditation and every individual can customize it according to his/her own preferences. The base line of meditation is the feeling of peace and calmness.
            Mediation can be empowering as it prohibits you from being overwhelmed.  Many times, we feel all over the place and unorganized as we take up something new. We can end up being de-motivated due to too much expectation and too less results. Such thought of train can be easily controlled using meditation. See my Reasonable Meditation Kit!

You can do all of these or some of these rituals every single day for mind blowing results and elevated levels of motivation in your life!

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