A Meaningful Life

How many times have you heard people say “Find your purpose to live a meaningful life”? It is because of this perception that we are running behind finding our purpose and forget to live a meaningful life.

I am not saying finding a purpose is not important, it is great to have one. But lets be honest for a moment and see how many people actually know the purpose of their lives. Yes the answer is not many. I want to say this to everyone unaware about their purpose (including me) that a meaningful life has nothing to do with a purpose.

Today, I want to share my thoughts about living a meaningful life. I will talk about how to live a meaningful life when you have no clue about your purpose in life.

A Meaningful Life

Before we understand a meaningful life, let’s quickly understand how a meaningless life would look like. I urge you to identify your symptoms and then go ahead to taking corrective actions.

1. Doing only what life throws at you

You should be ready to handle everything that life throws at you. But here’s the catch, if you are only doing everything that comes as it comes, it maybe a red signal. If you do not have a vision or a control on your life, you maybe in a unpleasant situation in life.

Let me be clear about having control of your life. I am not asking you to plan out each and every minute of your life and  be super organized. Having control over your life means doing things to make your life journey a beautiful story. We don’t want to be 80 years old and look back at our life and think I spent most of my time doing something that I don’t even remember.

2. You view emotions from a distance

If you “keep a safe distance” from your emotions, it is a symptom of a meaningless life. I say this because, in the end, life is a bucket full of various emotions and experiences. If you stay distant from them, you are just keeping your bucket empty.

You know how we turn on loud music to neglect our pain or pinch ourselves to control our laughter. We are missing out on so much when we do this. What I believe in doing is, cry out a river when you feel sad because it is liberating. Laugh till your stomach hurts (even when others have stopped) because it will make you lighter. Get really angry and get it out on a pillow because that will let you loose.

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If you are doing either of the above, you are living a meaningless life. To live a meaningful life is to understand this –

We are humans, not robots and we have a gift of choice. Every single day you have a choice to do something that makes you happy to be alive. It can be anything such as petting your dog, spending time with your family or even painting a glass bottle. Do something you don’t “need” to do, but you “want” to.

So many of us are too busy to embrace our emotions that we unknowingly distance our feelings. Make it a habit to feel your feelings and let them flow. When you are happy, it out and when you are sad, cry it out. Hug, cry, scream and celebrate every emotion possible.

One misconception many people have is “A monotonous life is meaningless.” Monotony meaningless only if you don’t enjoy it. I have seen so many people who do the same things every single day but love doing each of it and are blissful beings. I would define a meaningful life in 3 words –  Joy, Expression and Contentment. Expression of our emotions, joy about being alive and contentment in area of life. I will share a few practices that will help you achieve each of these three.


Meaningful Life Practices

If you want to make conscious efforts towards a meaningful life, there are a few things you can do to live a blissful and meaningful life. Practice them daily, weekly or daily and you will have a blissful life at the end of your journey.

Reserve time for meaning

Reserve whatever time you can, from 15 minutes to few hours, for a meaningful activity. What is one thing that makes you feel good about life? Talking to you mother or your partner, writing poems, playing with a baby or even buying a meal for a homeless person. If there is anything that makes you feel good, do it. This practice will give you joy.

Do this practice every single day so that you have at least one good thing to think of when you go to bed. And you know very well what thoughts haunt us before we sleep, and they are mostly about how meaningless our life is. So this practice will drastically change your life.

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Share Your Thoughts

This one is very important for all the introverts like me. You though of a new approach for your assignment? Share it with your colleagues and bosses. You are disappointed with how your partner behaved that day? Share it with him. I urge you to share the right thoughts with right people.

Sharing your thoughts is liberating. I am not asking you to share everything with everyone or I am not even asking you to maintain social relationships with everyone. Have a small circle if that is how you like it. But share your thoughts with someone so that you feel free from the inside. Remember, expression is the core of a meaningful life.


Love is something that is impossible to define and that is why I am not going to waste time in doing that. What I want to convey here is, love with your whole heart. Your ways of loving can be different from mine and is fine. I don’t want to tell you how to love. The only thing I want to say is that ego and past experiences are over-rated demons. Don’t let them come in your way to love.

When you have strong and loving relationships, your life will be filled with contentment. A meaningful life is impossible without fulfilling relationships. Create, grow and nurture loving relationships. This is your master key to a meaningful life!

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