Book Review – The Slight Edge

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If you are on the journey to success, this is the first book you should be getting your hands on!

            I read the sight edge a few months ago and it has radically changed my mind-set. This book is a predecessor of all the self-help books out there. I am here to give you an overview of this book and its power to change mind-sets. The book, by the way, is The Slight Edge* by Jeff Olson.
The book takes off with a very interesting encounter in the author’s life. He came across a very skilful and talented woman who was shining shoes on an airport. The author has taken inspiration from this incident to write the book. He says there are so many people like the shoe shine woman who can achieve great heights in life but are unaware about the path. And I honestly believe that you and I are one of those people.
The complete book talks about the slight edge philosophy and how should one implement it to achieve great success. The slight edge philosophy is very understandable, logical and valuable. I obviously cannot cover the complete philosophy in one article, but to narrow it down, the philosophy stands on three pillars-
  • Consistency
  •  Compounding effect
  •  Stimulating environment
             Let’s talk about consistencyfirst! You know how we take up a project or task, and in a few weeks forget about it. I know the feeling. We lack consistency, we do it one day and forget about it the next. And that is exactly what this philosophy tackles for us! The way Jeff Olson explains the importance of consistency, of doing the same thing over and over again and of doing one thing for a long period of time, it is life changing!
He urges us to do the small things that matter. One line that has been repeated hundreds of times in the book is “These things are easy to do, but also easy not to do!” The importance of our habits is much more than we realize. The shift in mind-set that I achieved was remarkable. I understood the importance of cultivating good habits and I even created a habit tracker and other great tools which you can get here.
                 “Compounding effect” sounds geeky, but is such a realistic concept. If you are aware about the compound interest that the banks offer you might understand easily. But, if you have no idea what this is all about, don’t worry, I got it for you!
Let’s take a very simple example here. You have a dollar and you are told it will double every single day. So initially, you will not see a big raise. On day two you will have $2 and on day three you will have $4. This doesn’t sound very huge right. But here’s the kick, if this process continued for 15 days, you would have $32,786!!
See the effect? This is the same principle is applicable to all the aspects of our life. When we repeat the same thing over and over again, we get huge results over long period of time. We lie in a world of fast food and speed delivery, but the basic principles of life are not fast or speedy, but they are COMPOUNDED! Jeff Olson has explained this with tons of eye opening examples and delivered the importance of this effect in our success.
               Finally, the stimulating environment. One of my favourite lines from the book is ‘Your income tends to equal the average of the incomes of your 5 best friends.’ The logic behind this is so true that it blew my mind. I will give you the most simplistic logic for this quote. You spend most of your time with your best friends. Therefore, the quality of ideas generated, topics discussed and events shared will be the average of their mind-set. And of course, their mind-set define their income!
He also talks about reading good books, attending value packed workshops and improving yourself. Personal growth is the key to success. I believed in this principle for like forever and after reading this book, I have started working on myself with greater motivation.
            One other thing that I really want to focus on in this article is, the mind blowing implementation principle. Jeff Olson does not leave you only with the concepts, he also talks about how to implement it in your life. He talks about being book smart and street smart at the same time. He talks in detail about this, but what he means is that you should get the knowledge, implement it and improve it by again getting more knowledge. We need to follow a great cycle of understanding and implementing to achieve actual success in life.
There are so many other things covered in the book such as mastering a skill or task, parenting to take your children on the path to success and retiring rich without worrying about it. This book is for anyone of any age, nationality, gender or profession. This book is for you if you want to improve your life and reach higher levels of success.
                  And the final and interesting part of the book! He has worksheets right in the book!! We all crave for worksheets and he has them right in the book with all the instructions! Take a pencil and you are good to go. He has systematically tackled five aspects through these worksheets:
1.      Health
2.      Personal development
3.      Relationships
4.      Finances
5.      Life
I filled these worksheets in the book and it was like I had a life plan in front of me. I was extremely clear on what I needed to do to improve each area of my life. This book has changed my life and it can change yours too!
Do not procrastinate, get your copy here!
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