How to cultivate Emotional Balance

What is the most human element in us, human beings? That’s right, emotions. We feel thousands of emotions over the span of our lives and honestly, these emotions shape our experiences. Emotions and feelings are not the same but they are closely related. In simple terms, an emotion is the reaction of your consciousness and a feeling is the realization of this emotion. Therefore, emotional balance is crucial to your whole living experience.

As I said, emotions are the backbone of experiences and experiences make up your whole life. I was a highly unbalanced person for the longest time in my life and I cried a lot and got angry a lot. When I understood the concept of emotional balance, things turned around and I was living my life with more meaning.

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What is emotional balance?

After talking to people on the topic of emotional balance, I was shocked to see what most people assume. A lot of people believe that emotional balance means you don’t feel anything. Well, let me break it out to you – Emotional balance does not represent neutral state.

If you have read A meaningful life, you know that the actual meaning of life is feeling your emotions because they make you feel alive. This is exactly aligned with the concept of emotional balance. You are emotionally balanced if you do not (remember ‘do not’) –

  • Get overly consumed by your emotions
  • Keep emotions out and avoid them altogether

I was always in the first category which caused me constant unhappiness. I also know many people who fall in the second category and it has caused them numbness. Both of these situations take life away from you which is clearly not something we want. I am not a researcher, but here is how I would define emotional balance

Emotional balance is a state where you feel each emotion as it comes, react as you would and transition to the next emotion in the right time. “

This is my understanding of emotional balance in terms that a common person like you and me would grasp. Let me elaborate it further for clarity. Emotional balance is present when you let emotions in, feel them and react as you want to, which means you do not try and distract your mind and avoid the emotions. But the key here is, you do not flow away with these emotions and get a hangover. This means, you give those emotions the attention that they deserve, no more or no less.

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Let me make it clear with an example. A few months ago, I was out with my brother and felt hurt by something did.I was furious and sad at the same time but he had no idea how i felt. What i did right after coming home was, I yelled at him a little and cried a lot. But after I had let my emotions out and he had apologized, I instantly let it go. I did not dwell on that or make a bigger deal out of it.

Do you get whee I am going with this? Do not suppress that anger, tears, happiness or laughter. Instead, let it out but only the right amounts.

Why Should you be Emotionally Balanced?

Can you imagine how I felt after I had let it go with my brother? I felt liberated, heard and most importantly happy. If I had kept my emotions and feelings to myself then I would’ve felt hurt on the inside and not to mention how much of overthinking would have taken place. And if I had stayed angry for longer then he would keep feeling guilty and I would keep behaving angry.

The logic behind becoming emotionally balanced is quite simple and reasonable. I am not going to state a hundred bullet points giving you the benefits of emotional balance because there is just one reason. Emotional balance brings bliss in life. Emotional balance will bring peace and contentment in your life.

You are not going to be happy all the time and that is the beauty of it. You can appreciate the good emotions when you have felt those bad emotions. And trust me on this, you will be expressive and at the same time reasonable. Emotional balance is something you need to have a life of bliss.

How to gain Emotional Balance?

If you are still reading, I am assuming that you want to cultivate emotional balance. So without any more detailing, let me get to the point. There are 3 ways that can actually help you to gain emotional balance.

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I know that mindfulness is a very trending word these days but let me tell you how it will help here. We are majorly living our lives on an auto pilot therefore our reactions are not well thought. When something good or bad happens, you will automatically react in your old setting which can be avoiding or getting overwhelmed. Emotional balance is possible when you become aware of these situations where your feelings are triggered. Mindfulness can hep you achieve this. Try observing your mind, actions and feelings as much as you can.


I have talked about expression in ‘A meaningful life‘ so much but I am going to repeat. Stop keeping things inside you and bring them out. This will help you release all the negative energy and make room for the good things. And remember expression dos not mean over-reacting in any way. Learn how to express yourself right. I have talked about this aspect in ‘How to convince others‘ so feel free to check that out.

Self Reflection

Knowing yourself is the starting point of any kind of self growth. But it helps in gaining emotional balance because if you know your patterns, you can be more mindful and eventually express better. I have a self reflection workbook for you if you want to learn more about it. Get that by signing up down below!

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I hope you implement this in your life because emotional balance is truly life changing. It will make your relations healthier and make you happier.

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