Develop your Unique Personal Growth Strategy In 4 simple steps

Nobody is perfect and everyone wants to develop, grow or improve themselves. Reading a few personal growth books, blogs and listening to motivational speakers is not what personal growth and development is about. Of course there is great lot of stuff out there, in-fact I myself write about self-improvement. But the point that I am trying to make is that not all of this stuff is for you, not everything will work for you.
          There is a systematic process that you need to follow to achieve this growth. And trust me, this process is not at all difficult or tedious to track. I am going to share with you the guidelines of this process. It will be a unique path for each one based on your own needs, life stage, lifestyle and other such factors.

Step 1 – Understand your needs

This step is very crucial to make sure you are on the right path. Say for example, you are a very ambitious person who wants to succeed in life but you lack mental peace. In this case, you need to improve your work-life balance and not your leadership skills. Therefore, it will be a waste of time if you keep learning and enhancing your leadership skills or your social skills.
          As I said earlier, not every personal growth book is for you. Yes there are few classics that work for everyone, but not all. So what you need to do first is, understand yourself and understand where you need to grow. Here is a Self-Analysis Workbook to help you understand where you need to grow.

Step 2 – Gain Knowledge

          Once you have identified your needs, and set your foot on the journey towards personal growth, you are all set to collect all the information to pursue it. Let me tell you something though. Do not over-whelm yourself with too much good reads. Most of the books, blogs, seminars and videos out there are super-value packed.. BUT.. BUT.. you need to cut it down. Follow one thing at a time. All of these influencers have great methods of achieving things but the key is to follow one method at a time.
          Say you want to lose weight; will you do yoga, gym, pilates, aerobics, zumba and some others, all at a time? The obvious answer is NO. So do not do it with your personal growth goals as well. When you read multiple books, you are appealed by each one of them. You will end up with a confused mind and finally give up. And of course we don’t want that, so ONE AT A TIME!

Step 3 – Practice and Implement

          We obviously do not want to be only book-smart, we also want to be street-smart. Gaining knowledge will help you take the next steps. If you read books and forget about it, it is going to get you no-where. Practicing these concepts is the actual deal here.
          How can you actually implement it? The answer is simple – through simple rituals. Understand what actions you need to take and incorporate them in your routine. Sometimes these actions don’t require a lot of time as well. Here is an example –
Say you identified your problem to be a pessimist and a negative thinker. You came across this article- Practicing Positivity. Now you want to implement these concepts in your life. Find out actionable things, in this case, practicing gratitude and one compliment per day. You can incorporate your gratitude process while you brush, or driving or journaling. Look at good things to give a compliment every day. Incorporate the learnings in your daily life!

Step 4 – Be consistent

          How many times have we taken up a task and forgot about it in few days or weeks. I know I am guilty of this! But, learn from your mistakes and improve your habits. Consistency is what will bring results.
          We live in a “fast-world” where we need fast-food, fast-service and fast-everything. I am sorry to tell you that great things never come fast. Accept it or not, this is the reality. So be patient and stay consistent. You can do this with some hacks such as’
·        Tracker – Track your task completion on a daily basis. You can check out this Good Habit Toolkit to get a habit tracker with many other awesome worksheets.
·        Vision Board – Keep you vision board somewhere you will see it and be reminded of where you need to be.
·        To-do list – If you maintain to-do lists, put these tasks on your list. It will be a delight to check it off every single day!
These guidelines remain same for each and every one, but the path will always be different. Make sure to share your favorite personal growth resources in the comments below.
Have a fulfilling personal growth journey!
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