Get Your Life Organised in 3 Simple Steps

Is your life all over the place and messed up? Do you want to put your life together and be more organized? You are in the right place! Getting organized does not have to be overwhelming or time consuming process. You can get organized in 3 simple steps. These steps are super easy to implement and at the end of it, your life is put together!!
          I know people get overwhelmed with planners, journals, to-do lists and stuff like that. Although I am a sucker for these tools, I understand that not everyone wants to spend their time on that. Good news, you can get organized without any of that. So follow these three simple steps to get every task and every situation under control.

Step 1 – Decluttering

          This is probably the most important step of your organizing journey. Remember, de-cluttering is not tiding up. It means getting rid of the things that bring no value to your life. It is important because, you tend to spend excess amount of time over unimportant things. So de-cluttering helps you identify the un-important things and get rid of them. This helps in releasing all the negative energy from your surrounding so that you feel better and put together.
          What should you de-clutter? There are two main areas where you want to perform de-cluttering for organizing: Spaces and devices. I also recommend de-cluttering your thoughts, but that is less relevant to this topic and hence we won’t dive into that.
          Now what spaces am I talking about? It includes everything from your purse to your house. Go through your handbag, closet, storage spaces and go through your stuff. Ask yourself these questions:
          Have you used it in last 6 months?
          Does it bring you happiness?
If the answer to any of the question is NO, get rid of that thing. Be brutal, be aggressive and do not think twice. Unleash the power of de-cluttering.
          De-cluttering devices simply means deleting stuff. Unsubscribe from any subscriptions that bring no value to your life, delete the long stores texts and photos that do not signify anything. This will give you increased memory space and more space for new stuff to come in, for more positivity.

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Step 2 – List

          “If there was a list of things that made me comfortable, lists would be on top of it!” This was a dialogue by Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory and I completely connect with it. Making lists is satisfying and effective. There are a number of lists that you should maintain for a simpler life, but if you are not as geeky as me, you can make one master list. Let me tell you what you need to put into this list:
          Things you need to get done.
          Any other tasks

Make sure you include every important and less important tasks in this list. A list should have two columns, the task and the deadline or appointment and date. Having a list helps you get an overview of all the things that you need to get done. This will make sure you do not miss out on anything! And honestly, checking things off the list is like the best thing ever!! We will use this master list in the next step to finally put things in place.

Step 3 – Prioritize

          I get it, lists can be simplifying and dreading at the same time. When you have so much to do, you feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry, let’s get this under control. For ease, get a simple calendar spread or you can do this in your digital calendar as well.

          In our master list we have four types of items. Take each item and put it in the relevant section to simplify this step. Examples are shown in the figure below. 

1. Planning + Due date

          These items are generally important and require organized efforts in order to assure quality work. So here are easy steps to get this organized.
          a. Calculate how much time you have to get the task completed.
          b. Estimate the time required to complete the task.
          c. Break it down in smaller tasks for every single day/week.
This will help you get clarity and a push to get started. Make sure you keep some extra time so as to compensate for any missed days!

2. No planning + Due date

          These should directly go in your calendar. Make sure to put 3 reminders for it: one day before, on the day and one hour before the task. This will make sure you do not miss out on any of these tasks as they can easily slip out.

3. Planning + No due date

          These tasks are generally your personal projects. For such tasks, I would recommend you put a deadline. If you don’t do so, these will end up remaining incomplete for a long time. So, set a due date and follow the steps in the 1st category.

4. No planning + No due date

          These are all regular tasks which can be done whenever you have time. Asses each task based on its importance and identify the time wasters. Slip these tasks in into your daily schedule, maybe in the gaps or on weekends.

          Once you have what to do and when to do, you need to prioritize as to what should be done first.  There is a simple rule for this. Evaluate the amount of value each task brings to your life. The task that brings highest value to your life should be done first.

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