How to Believe in Yourself?

So many people all across the world fail at projects and tasks just because of one simple reason. They don’t believe in themselves. What is this “not believing in yourself”? It is, thinking of yourself as incompetent for the thing you are trying to do.
~I am not that smart.
~I am not that beautiful.
~My age is not appropriate.
~My health is an obstacle.
These are some typical kinds of reasons people give themselves when they fail at a task. The question here is ‘Does this really matter?’ Here is a simple thing: If you have taken up the task, it is because you are completely competent to succeed. The reasons that you give are just excuses and not relevant facts.
There are various problems that we need to overcome to find completeness.

1. Averageness:

          Yes, this is a considerable issue that most of us deal with. You are not great at something or you haven’t mastered the particular thing. Say you are a sales rep and you think to yourself ‘I do not have 100% knowledge about the product. I cannot face the questions. I will fail.’ The best solution for such situation is to try. Try to sell the product on what you know, use other skills such as effective communication to get the deal closed. Even if you fail to answer few questions, it’s okay because you learned what you don’t know. You will master the art when you start doing it. You don’t have to be perfect to achieve big things, you need to believe in yourself and work on yourself.

2. Lack of Motivation:

          Motivation is very crucial to do anything in life. If you are not motivated, you will not put your heart in what you do. You will not believe you can do it because you do not give it your best. If you are motivated, you give your best and end up believing in yourself. So find motivation, mostly internally. Internal motivation lasts longer than external motivation. Videos and books keep you motivated but for a shorter time. So talk to yourself, get yourself excited about the results you will get. Motivation is the key to self-belief.

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3. Internal Environment:

           Internal environment includes your belief system and how you treat yourself. For others to believe in us, we must first believe in ourselves. If I believe ‘I can do this’ or ‘I am worthy of this’, I can convince others accordingly.
          This is the most important factor for self-belief. There are various ways you can master the art of stimulating the internal environment.You firstly need to analyze your good and bad qualities. The self analysis workbook will guide you through this process and give you a better insight to your life.
          When you see your qualities you get more confident and when you see your negative points, you understand where to improve. Facing your good and bad features is very important for believing in yourself. Awareness is the first step to betterment.

4. External Environment:

          The external environment simply means your surroundings. It includes your friends and family. It also consists of your living space and work space. Make sure that your external surroundings is stimulating. What I mean by this is, your surrounding should encourage you and not demoralise you. An abusive environment leads to self-doubt. Cleanse your external environment. De-clutter, decorate and enhance your spaces. And about the people, make sure that you keep those people close to you who motivate you and not the ones who harm your self-belief.
Overcome your own limitations and believe in yourself!

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