How to create a Vision Board that actually works?

Vision board is a kick start to your law of attraction journey. It can be used on any front of life, may it be career, personal or even health goals. Vision board has worked for so many people, so why not for you?
            The problem is that everyone knows what a vision board is, but are unclear about how to create it. Just adding a bunch of inspiring pictures to a board is of no use. I am going to give you a step by step guide for creating your own customized vision board. But before getting started with the process, let us understand the use of a vision board.

Why use a Vision Board?

            Vision board is based on a simple concept of visual stimulation. So what do I mean by that is when we see things, we think thoughts which make us take actions and this finally results in the consequences of our reality. This is a simple illustration of what I just said.
Two ways that vision boards help you are:
·         Motivation: Seeing our goals every single day helps us in staying motivated. So many of us lack in consistency. This can be overcome when you are always motivated.
·         Right frequency thoughts: When you are trying to attract something, you should be on that frequency. Seeing your goals makes you excited and sets the right frequency for theuniverse to work for you.
·         Visualization: Visualizing and feeling as if you already have what you desire can get difficult. But when you see it with your eyes, the process becomes so much more easier.

How to create a Vision Board?

            Every person’s vision board has to be different and unique. Your vision board reflects your dreams, goals and desires. I am going to give you guidelines for creating this unique vision board that will actually work.
1. Write down your goals / dreams / desires
             It all starts with what you want to achieve in your life. Take a pen and paper and write down these things for clarity. For example, someone’s goals can be,
1. Become a Senior Manager
2. Earn $100000 this year
3. Become 10 kg lighter.
4. Improve relationship with parents.
            List down all these things you want. The trick here is that you do not have to be reasonable or even logical about this list. It is not a goal setting exercise where you have to be S.M.A.R.T. So write down whole-heartedly.
2. Write down how your life would be when you get there
            This step is the most exciting of all. You have to write down how your life would look if you had these things. Continuing the above example let’s see how to do this step.
1. If I was a senior manager, I would use branded products.
2. If I earned $100000 this year, I would go on a foreign trip.
3. If I was 10 kg lighter, I would look hot in all the body hugging dress.
4. If my relationship with my parents improved I would visit my home town more often.
            These kind of materialistic things is what we are looking for. I know you would be happy, loved, proud and satisfied. But to feel all these feelings we will use these things as stimuli.
3. Find pictures that represent this life-style
            Get creative in this step. Think of the things you would own, places you would visit, type of personality you would reflect when you have that lifestyle. If we had to make a vision board for the person in our example, it would look something like this.
            Find great images on Pinterest. It has so many inspiring ideas, images and tips. Here is my vision board on Pinterest: Vision Board. Check that out for inspiration.
            This step is so overrated that I feel a need to stress on it. QUOTES are everything. But the key here is, NOT ALL QUOTES ARE FOR YOU. Based on what motivates you, what inspires you or how your personality is choose the right quotes.
            These quotes will motivate you, keep you going and most importantly empower and strengthen your belief. Print out quotes on coloured background with a funky font. You are motivated now, you might not be tomorrow. So trust me when I say this is important.
5. Do Not Overdo
            Do not put in 100 pictures relating to 50 goals on a single vision board. It will end up overwhelming you and disappointing when it doesn’t work. I strongly suggest you to stick to 4-5 goals and print out 10-15 pictures maximum. This will make sure your vision board is focused and effective.
            This according to me is the most important tip. I know it is a digital age and most of us are tech savvy. I know pinterest boards and collages in your phone are a great way to do it. But my concern here is, these places are filled with distractions. These boards loose importance due to other things available on your phone or pinterest account. So make sure to print the pictures out and paste it on your board where you will see it atleast once a day.
            These steps will provide you a systematic approach for creaing your vision board and putting it to great use. Do not procrastinate, make that vision board and attract everything that you desire!
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