How to Cultivate A Habit?

Nobody is perfect. We are all flawed and developing at the same time. Life is basically about improving ourselves to reach greater heights. So, how do we improve ourselves? Well, through our habits. Our habits define our lifestyle and our lifestyle shapes our future. So it is reasonable to say that our habits determine our achievements and failures.
We’ve heard this since our childhoods, “Cultivate good habits, break bad habits.” Umm well, what are good habits and which ones are bad? How do we choose the perfect set of habits to build our ideal future? It is actually very simple if you do these things:
~ Write down what you want to achieve for your ideal future.
~ Study what the people at the top of your field do everyday.
~ Find the set of habits you need to improve yourselves.
            Once you are ready with your habit list, it’s time to cultivate it. Research says it takes around 2 months (NOT 21 DAYS) to build a new habit. You have to pass the enthusiasm, lethargy and de-motivation stages to finally reach a habit which will then turn into a lifestyle. So I am going to give you some hacks to reach that stage and not give up. Click here to receive a free Good Habit Toolkit!

1. Do not overwhelm yourself:

            You know how we tend to get excited about stuff and do it in excess. This is the exact thing that you need to avoid. When I got motivated, I went ahead and wrote a list of 15 habits I wanted to cultivate that month. And guess what? I ended up giving up on each one of them, because I could not follow most of them. I ended up being disappointed and demotivated. This is due to a simple psychological effect, “when we overload ourselves, we don’t get expected results and we give up”.
            I would suggest, choose top 5 habits you want to cultivate and go after them. Add more habits every two months. It is easier to cultivate 5 habits than 15, and it will lead to continuous and long term improvement.

2. Write down the expected results:

            The basic point of doing this exercise is to bring about change in our lives. We expect some results by doing this activity daily. So, list down those results. For example.
Wake up early – More productivity.
Workout – Fitter body.
Read more – Deeper understanding and insights.
            Likewise, jot down your own habits and their expected impacts on your life. Our mind feeds on logical reasoning. So give it a reason to follow that habit and it will help you stay on track. Simply speaking, when you know what you get from it, you tend to pursue it more.

3. Habit Tracker:

 Maintaining a habit tracker will change the complete game for you. A habit tracker can be a simple worksheet or even a journal entry. I have laid out my habit tracker for a weekly view but you can do it for a month as well. Every single day, before you go to bed, just mark the things you did. This will help you keep a track of your consistency.
            There is another major motive behind this ritual. When you have visual proof of your consistency, you become more accountable and responsible. When you make no entry, you feel guilty and when you do, you feel satisfied. Use this brain hack to your benefit!

4. Partner-up:

Perform these habits with someone, maybe a friend, significant other or even a sibling. For example, sync your waking up timing with your roommate or partner. Or, workout with your gym partner. This helps in two ways. Firstly, you feel accountable when someone is checking up on you. Secondly, and most importantly, when you feel discouraged, they encourage you and vice versa. For example, when you don’t want to do that last set of Doing things with a partner always works best for anyone.

5. Review the efforts:

            Reviewing or checking up on efforts is more significant than reviewing the results. Habits are built for long term results. So don’t peep in and see if you have created a change in your life. Just go back to your tracker and review your consistency and efficiency. I do this in my monthly review. See how many days have you done it and how many days were you expected to do it. This will help you improve if you are inconsistent and it will boost your confidence if you were consistent.
            Be assured that this activity will become your habit and eventually your lifestyle if you follow all these tips. Shape your future, it is in your own hands!!
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6 thoughts on “How to Cultivate A Habit?”

  1. I love that you included a habit tracker! I find that this is a great tool to visually remind yourself to continue with a habit you are trying to create.
    I've created so many bad habits of late and I really don't like the mindset it has put me in, nor how it has physically made me feel. Thank you for inspiring me to create new and better habits.
    P.S I love your style of writing, it's just like you're talking to a friend.

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