Introvert Hacks – 5 Things every introvert should know

Introverts make up about 40% of the population, but there is so much misinformation out there about this personality type. As a fellow introvert, I know the struggles that introverts face in the world. Being an introvert is assumed ‘problematic’ by so many people, that it makes me worry about my fellow introverts. In this blog post, I want to share some introvert hacks to navigate the world in a less stressful manner.

Before we dive into these habits, let’s understand this personality trait a little better.

Introverts are people who thrive on internal feelings more than external stimulation. This simply means that introverts are people who enjoy spending time alone more than they do spending time with other people. Now this does not mean that introverts do not enjoy hanging out with friends or going to parties. It simply means that social situations drain their energy whereas some alone time recharges their batteries.

Now let us take a look at the 5 introvert hacks that can make your life easier as an introvert.

1. Embrace your personality

 As I mentioned earlier, I have seen so many people disapprove of people being introverts. We are raised in a world where outgoing, social and bold are the “good” qualities. So introverts being solitary, isolated and shy naturally become the “bad” qualities.

The first thing every introvert needs to do is to throw these social norms out of the window. You have an amazing personality. You are analytical, thoughtful and wise. Do not let anyone make you feel any smaller. Embrace your personality with pride. There is nothing wrong with having a night in by yourself over a night out with your co-workers.

Change your mindset about introversion and that will be the biggest gift you give yourself. No matter what people say, if you have a clear mindset, then nothing else will matter.

2. Guide others to navigate your personality

In my experience, most introverts have extroverts as their best friends or partners. It may be nature’s way to balance things or the law that opposites attract. If you have a lot of extroverts around you, then you need to know that they don’t naturally get your personality trait. They do not by default understand why you would rather sit home and watch netflix rather than go to a meet-up. That is exactly why you need to help them understand you.

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Do not feel discouraged by the fact that they do not understand you. They just don’t know how it feels to be an introvert and that is why they don’t get it. Help them understand that this is just the way you are wired. These are your default settings and that is why you prefer the things that you do.

Once you help them understand your personality trait, all your relationships will become easy and frictionless.

3. Have a ‘small-talk list’ on your phone (Best Introvert Hack)

This habit has been a game changer for me during all my social events. As an introvert, you may find it difficult to start conversations with people. Have a list of topics you can start your conversations with. Let me share a snippet of my small talk list that I keep on my phone.

When your brain goes blank in social situations, these lists can be a life saver. Whenever I am caught up in such places, with people I barely know, I will pull up my list and start a conversation.

Major Life Hack – If you are around people who have kids, ask about the kids and you don’t have to worry about conversation topics for the rest of the night. People love talking about their kids and they absolutely won’t shut-up till they have to go!!

4. Use the technology to your advantage

The digital age has made life so much better for introverts like us. We do not have to physically meet people or speak over the phone even. We live in the age of text messages and emails – which makes life so much more easier.

So make maximum use of technology wherever you can. Sometimes these chatting apps are not going to be enough and you will have to pick that phone up. But until then, make maximum use of all these apps and softwares.

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And the pro tip here is – do not feel guilty for doing so. Mostly it’s okay to make plans over a group chat or share new ideas over an email. Do not feel guilty about not physically talking to people. Technology is here to make our lives easier and not make us feel guilty. So let that hesitation go and start using these apps to your advantage.

5. Make planning your best friend

I have a personal thing for planning! But take my advice as totally un-biased here. Planning is every introvert’s best friend. Plan everything in advance. What clothes will you wear, what time you will leave and who you will take with you.

Social situations can trigger small amounts of anxiety for some people and having everything planned out can help you reduce it. One plan that I love to keep in my back pocket is the exit plan! If things get too uncomfortable, how will you exist. Will you ask your mom to call you up with some fake emergency or will you feel sick in your stomach due to those drinks? Have an exit plan planned out!

While you plan all these things in your life, be sure to also remember that things will not always go according to that plan. The plan is there to comfort you – that’s all. If you suddenly feel like you are enjoying yourself, you are allowed to divert from the plan. If you get in situations where you cannot get out, just be calm and face it. Do not be rigid with your plans whatsoever.

These were 5 introvert hacks that have helped me navigate life as an introvert. You can share your tips and experiences in the comments below!

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