Law of Attraction for the Logical Mind

Law of attraction has been the buzz word for quite some time now. Stories of people manifesting their dreams are going viral on the internet. Amidst all this fame that law of attraction has gained, there are a large number of people who do not seem to buy it. Law of attraction can come out to be an illogical concept but I would like to throw some light here.

I am a person with high quality trust issues and I need a good amount of reasoning before I do something. I try something if it has some base, and believe in it if my trials turn into success. I came across the concept of the law of attraction 7 years ago and I decided to give it a try because I saw some really logical concepts in these practices. If you want to satisfy your logical mind about the law of attraction and some of it’s tools, just keep reading.

What is the Law of Attraction?

In today’s world, I believe everyone is aware of this concept but I will share my understanding of the law of attraction. This law suggests that “Thoughts become things.” If we focus our thoughts and feelings on one thing we attract it into our lives. If we focus on debt, we will attract more of it and if we foocus abundance, we will attract more of that. It is this simple!

But maybe not. There are more things involved in making this law work than just thoughts. Feelings, positivity and belief are the basic pillars of the law of attraction.

  • Feelings -You need to feel the way you would if you had everything you want.
  • Positivity – It is important to positively focus on your dream which means do not focus on the lack of it.
  • Belief – Believe that it will come to you without a doubt.

This last part is tricky for people who need logic for everything. Well, I have been there and I have found a way. Let us take a deeper look into the logic so that it becomes easier for your mind to believe in the law of attraction.

Logic Behind the LOA

A few years ago, I wanted to get a particular scooter for ease of transportation. I went to the showroom, got a brochure, took a test ride and decided to get it soon. By the time I got home from the showroom, I had already seen 7 other people on the same scooter. Coincidence? Law of attraction? Signals from the universe? Well, none of these. What actually happened we shift in focus.

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Have you ever shifted your focus on something and came across a lot other related stuff, all of a sudden? Did these things not exist before you made that shift? They certainly existed and they were always there but the thing is just that you did not notice.

When you shift your focus, you come across the existing opportunities, cease them and achieve what you desired. The logic is that simple and yet we deny to see it at times.

But what about the “tools of the law of attraction”? I’ve got logical reasons to those as well. I will discuss about visualization, affirmations, gratitude and faith.


Before I got into visualization, I would set a new goal, make a plan and leave it half way. Why do you think this happened? This happened because I got out of touch with my goals, felt unmotivated and never got back. So I think of visualization as a tool to staying connected with your goals.

You can read 5 Techniques for visualization to get started. I have talked about different techniques that can work for different people. Any technique you try will always help you stay motivated. Feeling the excitement of reaching your goals is strong enough to keep you on track and make you highly efficient.


Affirmations are the cheerleaders of the goal-digger team just as self abuse is the cheer leader of the sad-failure team. You are not going to be at your best each and every day and that is where affirmations come in. When you feel like you are doubting yourself, affirmations can turn out to be a support system.

Affirmations also help in reprogramming your subconscious mind. We have various self-sabotaging beliefs which hold us behind. Affirmations can help you overcome these beliefs and open you up for new opportunities and increase your capabilities.


Running behind unending trail of goals can be highly exhausting and truly unsatisfying. I tend to ponder a lot on the meaning of life and I have come to a major realization. We all strive to live a life of bliss which is the most content form of happiness. This type of happiness does not come from a place in future but comes from a place in the Now. Gratitude helps you live a meaningful life.

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I know this got too philosophical but think about it seriously. If you are forever going to be on the go and never take time out to be satisfied and content, what is the point. Gratitude to me, brings a deeper sense to life and makes it all worthwhile.


You have probably heard about the “unwavering faith” or strong belief that what you want will come true. This belief or faith is your self confidence in disguise. It also denotes possibilities which means what you want is completely possible.

If you believe that you are unworthy of what you want, you will never get it. But having faith changes that and makes completely eligible to receive what you desire. For the law of attraction, you do not need to have faith in God or Universe or Being or anything fancy. You just need to have faith in possibility and faith in your own worth. That is the bottom line.

Bonus – “Don’t think about the how”

When I got into the law of attraction, the most absurd and illogical thing that I came across was the concept of “don’t think about the how.” All the authors and experts say that you should simply believe in the final result and detach yourself from the ‘how’. It has taken me years to understand this concept with a logical brain and this will blow your mind.

When we think about how to reach a certain point, we get stuck in our own little worlds because our plans are usually derived from our small knowledge and our small thoughts. I may get caught up with making more money by increasing more sales and completely ignore the gold mine of a new innovation in front of my eyes.

When we decide one or two or three plans of actions, we miss many opportunities that may come our way. When you see an opportunity, cease it, work on it but also don’t get overly attached to it because it may just be a lesson and something magical maybe on the way.

You really have to experience this to actually trust it, but take my word and at least give it a try. Let me know your law of attraction blocks or stories in the comments below!

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