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I am an avid experimenter when it comes to personal development exercises. One area where I have experimented the most is ‘Goal Setting’. From S.M.A.R.T. goals, level 10 life goals to dream life journaling, I have done it all (okay, maybe not all). I am a crazy goal setter because I have life goals, 5 year goals, 1 year goals, monthly goals and some weeks, even weekly goals.

Now you don’t have to be crazy like me to set your own set of goals. If you are looking for different methods to set goals, you are in the right place! I am starting a new series called ‘The Goal Getter Series’ where I will be sharing various techniques to set and achieve goals. In these posts, I will talk about the technique, the benefits and the drawbacks of each method to help you get the complete picture.

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Let us  start this series with my top favorite which is the Level 10 Life method. I first found this technique on Boho Berry’s blog. I have played around with the technique and customized it to evaluate my life and set action oriented goals.

Level 10 Life – The technique

The basic concept of level 10 life is evaluation and action. You evaluate yourself in 10 areas of life, make goals for each of these areas and thereafter create a plan of action. The 10 areas (in no particular order) which form the base of this technique are –

  1. Friends and family
  2. Personal development
  3. Spirituality
  4. Finances
  5. Career
  6. Marriage / Romance
  7. Fun & Recreation
  8. Giving / Contribution
  9. Physical environment
  10. Health and fitness

I enjoy doing some basic self-reflection before getting started with this exercise. I will describe the whole technique in 4 simple steps. Let’s get the party started!

Step 1 – Self-Reflection

This, according to me, is the best starter to the goal setting process. Looking at your own self without judgement but with a sense of understanding can set a good tone for the complete exercise. I do a simple round of self reflection where I ask myself 3 questions –

  1. Things I wish I did more
  2. Things I wish I stopped doing
  3. Complaints people have about me

These questions always seem to get me into perspective, bring out all the honest thoughts and opinions and add a splash of vulnerability which according to me is a must have. I do a basic round of self-reflection but you can do a deeper one as well. I have a detailed self-reflection workbook in my resource library which you can get by signing up for my email list here.

Step 2 – Evaluation

This step is where we actually work with the level 10 life principles. This evaluation is usually done with 10 concentric circles divided in 10 parts which represent the 10 areas of life. The below image is a snapshot of my Level 10 Life journal. You can get these printable journal right here.

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Level 10 Life printable journal
Level 10 life journal pages

You have to rate yourself on a scale of 10 (10 being the highest) for each of these areas of life. There are no said rules for the rating system which is why you need to go with your instinct or intuition. This rating is a direct reflection of how satisfied you are in that area of life.

For my own sake, I have set guidelines to decide the ratings that I give. You can adopt a different way to rate but here is mine just for inspiration.

1-2 : Highly messed up or struggling with it

3-4 : Doing the bare minimum

5-6 : Putting in fair amount of efforts

7-8 : Content with the situation

9-10 : At a state of bliss

If this system does not resonate with you, you can always have a different rating system. The point here is to take account of each area of life and focus on holistic improvement (some big words there!).

Step 3 – Goal Setting

This technique is rooted with the 10 areas of life and hence, we need to set goals for each area of life. Based on the evaluation, you can set one goal for yourself in each area of life which you will help you level up.

Take one area of life, see what level you are on, decide what level you want to aim for and what will that look like. And that becomes your goal for any particular area of life. Let me give you an example.

In the health and fitness area, I have rated myself on level 6, which means I am putting in fair amount of efforts in this area of life such as regular exercise and no frequent binge eating. I aspire to get on level 8 where I am content with my health and fitness. When I ask myself “What will make me feel content about my health and fitness?” the answer that comes to mind is when I lose my tummy fat! So that is my goal which will get me to level 8 in this area.Well, there is a twist! The process that I described was something that I did initially. But I always love to live by intentions rather than chasing goals and that is why I changed up my goals with simple intentions in each area of life. Intentions are the principles that guide my actions and give me happiness in the present moment. You can read more about the intentional lifestyle in my ‘Introduction to intentional living‘ and ‘Getting started with Intentional Living‘ posts.

If you are not into intentional living, you can always set goals. See what works for you and drives you to a happier life and do that.

Step 4 – Action Plan

You have your evaluation and your goals and it is now time to create a plan of action. The question here is, what are the top 10 actions that you can take to help you reach your goal or be in resonance with your intention?

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Your action plan can include daily, weekly or monthly habits. You can also have one time tasks that you may require reaching that level. For example, one of my action step for my fitness intention is to eat home-made food 5 days a week, which is a habit. But, for my giving / contribution area I have decided to give new blankets to the homeless people. This is a one-time action and not a habit.

Do this for each area of life and follow it to have a leveled-up life in a course of few months.

Level 10 life journal
Level 10 life journal pages

Level 10 Life – The benefits

This is one of my favourite methods and I am going to tell you why in a few simple points.

  • Evaluation – Unlike many goal setting methods, this method gives emphasis on evaluating your life. This evaluation helps you take a hard look in each area of life and set realistic goals. I was inspired by this part of technique to create a Life Audit workbook. Read ‘How to do a Life Audit’ to know more.
  • Holistic approach – This method takes all the areas of life into consideration. Many times we set goals only in our career or spirituality or even finances. All these areas are linked to each other and improving in each one is important to every other area.
  • Creative – This method makes the whole goal setting process into a happy experience because of all the creativity with different colours and shapes!
  • Action Oriented – This method not only helps you set goals but makes you chalk out a plan of action for each of those goals. Setting goals and forgetting about them is a mistake that most of us are guilty of doing.

Level 10 Life – The drawbacks

I could just think of 2 drawbacks that this system has which led me to create a life audit workbook.

  • Overwhelming – 10 areas of life, 10 levels and 10 action steps can be overwhelming sometimes. I love to use this method when I am looking at my life goals but it doesn’t seem to work for yearly or monthly goals. 100 action steps in total can too much for many of us.
  • Lack of time frame – You can have your own time frame for this part but the technique itself has nothing to do with a deadline. This may create a lack of motivation but works when are looking at it in a view of improving your life.

Level 10 Life technique for goal setting is a good life-improvement method and can be fun to do. The evaluation part fits in very well giving you a better view of your life and helping you level up your satisfaction scale in life! Get the printable journal that I use right here!

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