How to cleanse your mind and free yourself from emotional clutter?

With spring coming up and warmth getting in into our lives, each one of us wants to go the extra mile to make our lives better and refreshed. Most of us usually do this with a full proof spring cleaning regimen including a physical cleanse, mental cleanse, digital cleanse and a spiritual cleanse. Spring is just an accelerator to our intentions so that we take a solid action. You can do this at any time in the year just like I am. It is not spring time here in India, it’s technically but it is always warm around here (and these days it is actually HOT).

Spring cleaning for me resonates more with the feel of life rather than the time of the year. Cleansing all areas of life and clicking a refresh button on life is the best thing ever. I personally like to do this twice every year simply because life can get out of control real quick and keeping your mind, body, soul and environment clean can get tough. Here, I am sharing my full proof guide to spring cleaning where I go through some amazing exercises for cleaning my internal environment.

I am not an expert on physical clutter and I do the bare minimum to maintain a high energy external environment. But, over the years, I have gone really deep into cleaning my mind of all the emotional clutter. I am a self-labelled over thinker which kept in emotional hell for a long time. Today I will share what emotional clutter is and how can you get rid of it, so keep reading.

Mental Cleanse – The basics

Sometimes you buy something in a moment because you think you need it and end up not liking it later? Similarly many times we do some things in life such as hurting someone or being mean or anything else. You do this because you think you should but you end up not liking it and a feeling of guilt stays at the back of your mind.

There are various other things that we say, do or believe which create negative emotions in our heart and clutter our mind. These emotions may or may not affect you on daily basis but they do affect you in a longer run. Grab your copy of mental cleanse workbook to combat these right now.

There are two types of emotional clutters that you need to deal with –

  1. Accumulated negative emotions
  2. Ongoing negative emotions
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Accumulated emotions are the ones that you have been carrying for a long time. They do not affect your daily routines but creep in during those sleepless nights or lonely times. These emotions not only give you hard time with those memories showing up but affect your beliefs, decisions and thereby your reality. Some examples of these emotions are anger, guilt, resentment, self-sabotage and many others.

Ongoing emotions are the ones that affect your daily productivity. These emotions are temporary and may not matter in a few years but they nudge you every single day. It is difficult to eliminate them but they can be and should be controlled. Some examples of ongoing emotions are stress, tension, jealousy or other such emotions. Also, read “How to cultivate emotional balance?” for more insights.

Mental Cleanse – The Tools

You can cleanse your mind by asking it the right questions and being honest with the answers. You can do this on your own, hire a coach or a shrink. I will discuss how you can do a mental cleanse on your own. Asking yourself the right questions, touching your mind in the right places and being undeniably honest will help you cleanse your mind and have a positive effect.

I am a “journal-person” and I love writing and so my tool for mental cleanse is a good fresh piece of notebook. If you are not so much into writing stuff down, you can use other tools as well. Some of the best tools to use for your mental cleanse are-

One tool is not better than the other and your comfort is what matters. If you want better guidance in this process, I would highly recommend you to get the Mental Cleanse Workbook.

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Mental Cleanse – The Process

Now that you have selected your tool, let us discuss what to do with it. As I have said before, you need to be undeniably honest with yourself if you want to see real results. In this post, I will be outlining the process framework but if you want to get an actionable resource, download the mental cleanse workbook right here.

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1. Identify

The first step is to identify all the negative emotions you are carrying around in your life. It is nothing less than inviting all the devils at the same time over a cup of coffee. Well, you have to host this coffee party because you want to bring peace and honestly, you are the only one who can bring that change for yourself. Sit down and recollect all the emotions that haunt you at nights and make you restless during the day. Recall each of these and write them down.

The workbook is divided into parts to deal with this identification in a structured manner. If you prefer otherwise, take your tool and dump all the worst nightmares of your reality. That is that.

2. Accept

This part is going to be difficult but it has to be owned up. Accept the responsibility of your emotions. You need to accept the fact that these emotions have come in because you let them, because you did not deal with them the right way.

There is nothing wrong with accepting this experience has taught you so much. But now it is time to let go of these emotions, accept the responsibility of changing your own life. The main component of this step is to make sure you do not blame others for your feelings. Blame game keeps us in our comfort zone which happens to be an emotional hell, we just cannot see it now.

3. Evolve

Getting beyond these emotions is tricky because you may be thinking that you have let it go but all you did was bury it alive. It can always creep back in at any time. Forgiveness, acceptance, hope and contentment are the only ways to evolve.

There are various ways to evolve from your emotions such as crying your heart out till nothing is left behind, offering a loving hand to yourself and saying that you will always love you or even just being grateful for whatever good came with this bad and deciding that this does not serve you anymore.

These was my method of going through a deep mental cleanse. If you want more on this, subscribe to my email list and get many more exclusive tips on mind cleansing.

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