New Year 2018 | How to plan a year?

Don’t you just love the year end vibes where everyone is enjoying the holidays because there is gifts and happiness everywhere? But I know this time of the year also brings excitement for the next year and a state of self reflection for the passing year. I am a strong believer that we should have a blueprint of our lives ready and plan each and every day to slay our goals. And a special thing about a new year is the concept of a fresh start!

We have seen so many people make new year’s resolutions and in-fact we all have made some ourselves. We make these resolutions because we want to bring out some positive changes in our lives. But tell me honestly, how many times have you completed your resolution? I am pretty sure that the answer is not even once. I get it because I have been there and I have done that. The year goes by and we are left with very little or almost no change in ourselves.

But here’s the deal.. I want to assure you that 2018 will be your year! Firstly, you are reading this which means you are ready to make a strong plan of action and not just some thoughtless resolution. And secondly, I have a big set of tips to get you where you want and hep you achieve everything you desire from this year! These tips have worked for me in making 2017 a magnificent year for myself and I hope it does the same for you.

Know what you want

We all make resolutions and set goals every new year, right? We generally set these resolutions without thinking about what we actually want. This is the best time to reflect on your life and decide what you actually want from life. Loose weight, quit meat or learn belly dancing are some great resolutions but they cannot be the center of your year plan. The focus of your plan should be to achieve something that you genuinely want.

For this new year, I want you to find out what you actually want from life and make a plan to achieve that.Here are some great exercises you can do to know what you actually want. It requires quiet space, pen and paper and that’s all. Sit down with a pen and paper, light a candle or take a cup of coffee and do these exercises one at a time.


This is a very fun and exciting exercise that makes your heart happy. So you are sitting down with a pen and paper and now you have to write down all those moments in your life when you felt genuinely happy. These moments can be from your childhood, teenage or adult life. Write down all such incidences when your heart felt the most satisfied and you experienced pure joy.

Once you are done wit this, go through all of these and find a pattern. You will always find a pattern in the things that give you genuine happiness. For example, when I did this exercise, I had many experiences of happiness when I went out of my comfort zone and experienced a life from a new perspective. There too many incidences when I made my family and friends proud and happy.

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Well, this is not your goal as such, but it is your purpose. When you know what makes you genuinely happy, set your goals around it. Like I set my goal to get a good job before I graduated and get more social. This is the general idea of my goals, but they were more specific than that. Do the same, find out your purpose through nostalgia.

Your Ideal Day

I am sure that you have heard this plenty of times and yet I am going to say this again. This is because this one is a very powerful exercise. Write down an ideal day in your life from start to end, that is from morning to night. I would suggest you to go into as many details as possible. Write down what you would do, what you would wear or even who would you be with. You could write the city you live in, the type of apartment you would want and the furniture you would have. Also write down the kind of lifestyle you would have which means how would your working culture be, how your friends and acquaintances be and all of that.

This will give you a great idea as to what you actually want it life. Make sure to check if you would be genuinely happy with each aspect. Don’t wish for something just because its good for show-off or because someone else has got it. It should be inline with your own personality and your own definition of happiness.

Gap Analysis

This exercise is an extension of the previous one. You have your ideal life at hand and you now what your life looks like right now. Identify the gap which means find out how much you are lagging from your ideal life. What things you already have and what things you need to work on. Go ahead and brainstorm all the things you can do to get to the life you want. This is not as simple as it sounds so take your own time and pace. Do this so that you can set your goals in the right direction.

Plan realistically

Once you now what you want, its time to set goals and plan! Set a goal that is very specific and achievable. When you set goals that you know are not achievable, you give up on them very easily. I highly recommend setting up 1 goal for 1 year and going for that with all your strength. So if you have multiple goals, prioritize and get one goal for the next year. Now that you have a goal in hand, lets plan to achieve it in this year.

Be Organised

Being organised is one of the most important thing you need to do when you plan your new year. You should invest in a good planner for this so that you have everything organised. Check out this 2018 Bullet journal inspired planner which will help you manage everything in one place. It has goals, wishlist, monthly reviews and brain dump pages all in one and the best part is that it is printable!

If you don’t to get a set planner, make your own bullet journal or even maintain a master notebook where you can organize you goals, plans and projects. This is the first thing I am talking about because right now you have all the plan in your head but a few months from now, it will vanish. So GET NEW YEAR A PLANNER! And if you need more inspiration on being organised, check out Organize your life in 3 steps.

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Tasks and projects

You have a goal for the whole year, that’s great. But how are you going to achieve it? The best way to handle this situation is to break down your goals into smaller projects and tasks. This will be your road map or an action plan for the year to achieve what you want. This way you will be assured of having the most productive and worthwhile year of your life!

Say your focus of the year is to travel into nature. Break down this plan into smaller projects such as

  • Research different places
  • Manage finances
  • Manage work leaves and work projects
  • Finalize the trip details
  • Go on the trip

You can break this down into smaller tasks such as saving extra money, avoiding extra expenses or getting the list of hotels and finding out the sources of transportation. This is something you can do to help yourself see through the whole project with great clarity.


Figure out the timelines for these projects and decide what to do when. The best practice is to set a deadline and then manage every project timeline. Decide which projects you can do simultaneously and which have to happen in sequence. This sort of timelines will help you know exactly what you need to do when.

For example, your new year goal is to switch to a job you genuinely love. You can have projects such as researching different fields, applying for jobs, studying for interviews or recreating your resume. You can do researching fields and  and recreating your resume at the same time. But you have to apply for jobs after you have re-created your resume. Get what I am trying to say? Timing is very important so plan out the timelines!

Monthly Reviews

This is something you will have to do once you enter into the new year. Every month, make sure you go through a process of self-reflection, find out what worked and what didn’t. You can get my self reflection worksheet for free here. If you review your actions monthly, you get a chance to  correct the things that went wrong and bring your plan under control. As I said earlier, you will tend to forget your goals and plans as you get deeper into the year. The monthly reviews will keep you focused and help you analyze yourself as well as your actions.

This 2018 Planner is very useful in this term as well. You can write down your yearly and monthly goals and also manage your daily tasks. The best part is you also have a monthly review in the same bundle. Keeping everything in one place is very powerful for keeping a check on yourself. Make sure to check that out!

Keep improving and keep growing!

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