Overcoming Indecisive Nature

Indecisiveness is a common problem faced by most of us. Some face this problem in particular situations but for others it is a part and parcel of life. There are so many people out there who bear the stress of making the right choice and thereby a great difficulty in taking a decision.
            Is there a cure to this nature? There sure is! But before we dive into the solutions, let us understand two types of indecisiveness.

1. Confusion between two or more choices.

2. Confusion of whether or not to take a certain decision.

Type 1: 

               The first type of problem is encountered when the choices in hand are equally good or equally bad. This type is easier to deal with and overcome. Most of us have a very common method to solve this problem. It is the Pros and Cons Method. Listing down the pros and cons of each choice and then making a well informed decision. Personally, I feel, this method ends up confusing us even more. Therefore, I have come up with another method which I call the Importance Weightage Method. The method is easy to use and ends up giving a clearer picture. The method is as follows:
Step 1:   Identify the most important features expected in the final choice.
Step 2:  Assign importance levels to these features.
Step 3:  Rate every choice based on these features.
Step 4:  Check which choice excels in your most important features.
            This method will work wonders for most situations. Put in little time and efforts and you will surely come close to making a decision.

Type 2: 

            This type of indecisiveness is more serious and requires more time to overcome. This is generally inbuilt in your personality and hence requires some internal working. The major reasons leading to this situation are:
a. Fear– Various types of fears such as what people will say, what if it doesn’t work, what             if no one supports me and so on.
b. Overthinking – Thinking over and over again about all the possible consequences and making plans to deal with each one of them.
c. Perfectionism – Extreme compulsive need to do a perfect task and trying to leave out each and every flaw out.
d. Lack of self-belief – Not being sure about your own capabilities or competencies.
            Overcoming any of these is a not a 1 day or a 1 week process. It will take conscious and continuous efforts to see sustainable development. This is an easy to follow 4 step process which will help you overcome this problem if practiced continuously.
Step 1: Realize the Importance of time
            Time is money! If you take too long to make a decision, you might lose out on a big opportunity. The more early you start, more early you get the results. So value the time you have and don’t let it slip away. To practice this, you need to set deadline for yourself to take a certain decision.

Step 2: Prepare your mind
            I don’t assure you that you will always take the right decision. You can go wrong or you may turn out to be right. So, hope for the best and be prepared for the worst! But keep in mind, DO NOT BE NEGATIVE. Being prepared for the worst just saes you from a disaster, and it certainly does not mean you go into a negative mind-set. Be ready for what may come.
Step 3: Learn
            When results show up, you are either right or you are wrong. If you are right, you get a path. So remember how you managed to make this right decision and reuse it. If you go wrong, find out what was flawed and be determined to improve it the next time. Do not overwhelm or discourage yourself. Learn from each outcome you get.
Step 4: Own-up
            Own up to the results, it is most important. Do not blame your failures or give away your victory. Whatever is the result, own-up to it as it makes you a responsible, trust-worthy and accountable person. These values will help you in strengthening your self-confidence.
            And all throughout the way, remember that people will always talk. You have to decide how much it affects you. Take suggestions, advises, compliments and criticism in a positive and constructive way. They help you be a better you!
 Bonus Tip: Do not ask too many people about your decision. Chances are, you will get diverse answers which will make you even more indecisive.
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