Practicing Positivity

       Positivity will change your life weather or not you believe in the law of attraction. When our mind-set is positive, we tend to see good in every situation. This helps us be more enthusiastic and energetic. Enthusiasm is contagious, meaning, if you are happy about something, your environment also becomes colourful. Positivity will help you feel good, attract good, stay on your track and do your best in every situation. Basically, positivity will simplify your life.
            “Be positive” is one hell of a slogan. But how do we practice this in our day to day life. Is it even practical? Does it even work? Well, let me tell you, you cannot master positivity overnight. Although, it is very easy and simple. Consistency is the key to positivity. Follow these simple tips consistently and be sure to turn your life around.

 Practice gratitude in Real Time

Every one of us has something we are grateful for. But, at times we tend to forget these things and end up feeling depressed. Practicing gratitude will help you remind yourself of the good things in your life. When we express gratitude, we feel blessed and that is the purest form of happiness. This will help you have a positive mind-set. These are few tips to practice gratitude in real time:
~ Maintain a gratitude journal.
~ Express gratitude to your loved once for all their love and support.
~ Pray not to ask for something, but to thank for everything.

Compliment one person everyday

How do you feel when someone tells you that you look nice or that your outfit is great? You feel happy and start liking that person, right? Same thing is true inversely. When you compliment someone, they feel happy and like you better. The most important thing here is that you feel happy when you make someone happy. And also, you don’t have to take any extra efforts to brighten up someone’s day. Kindness does more good to self than others.

Have some kind of faith

 Atheist or believer, does not matter. Whatever your religious path is, does not matter. Whatever your race or community is, does not matter. Have faith in something. You can call it God, guardian angel, guru or the universe. Whichever title or belief system suits you, just adopt it. Having faith is less about following rituals, it’s more about realising that there is someone above us, someone who can see the bigger picture. When you have faith in this belief system, you will be positive, you will believe that everything that is happening is for your good and you need to make the best of every situation.

Evaluate your surroundings

A plant grows best when it has a supportive environment. Same applies to us humans. Our surrounding should be empowering, supporting and positive. Evaluate your circle, friends or companions. If they are always negative, they will feed you with negative thoughts. It is difficult to resist negativity when that is all what surrounds you. Asses your surrounding and find these negative people. There are many ways to deal with these people such as:

~ Explain them the importance of positive mind-set and help them change themselves.
~ Become accountability buddies and hold each other accountable for any negativity.
~ If nothing works and these people are not super-important, cut chords with them or limit your time spent with them.
            Such people hold you back from reaching higher levels of happiness. Be wise and do the right thing.

 Keep yourself motivated

 On the journey of being a positive person, there will be times when you lose all the motivation. This is normal, simply because we are all humans. When things go wrong and you wake up every morning to find chaos, negativity will make its way. In such situations the best solution is to seek external motivation. You can get externally motivated in various ways such as:
~ Watch motivating videos such as Ted Talks or videos of motivational speakers.
~ Listen to success stories of people who made it through lot of struggles.
~ Read biographies or books on law of attraction, personal growth and development.
            External motivation does not last long. So when you are motivated externally, take steps to keep yourself from being demotivated again. Make vision boards and goals. Remind yourself of where you want to be and keep going.

 Positive people also have negative thoughts, they just don’t empower these thoughts! Stay Positive!

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