Productivity 101 – How to improve your daily productivity.

High level of productivity is something each one of us wants to achieve. We want more done in less time and all that with good quality. I have learned many lessons of increasing productivity in past few months. I want to share all the tips that worked for me in this productivity series.
          The first lesson for increasing productivity is conquering your day. Learn to be a little more productive every single day. These tips will help you get more done with enthusiasm and high level of energy. You can incorporate these actions in your daily routines to make every single day a massive productivity unit!

# Plan the day – A night before

          When you have an action plan for the day, you know exactly when you need to wake up, what you need to do first and what to expect out of the day. Also, if you are not a morning person (like me), you know how difficult it is to sit and plan in the morning. A day pre-planned is a day well planned. Simple guideline to plan out your day would be-
  •  General Day layout – Plan what you will be doing when. Mark your appointments or events in time slots.
  •   To-do List – Make a list of things you need to get done according to priority and put them in your day layout.
  •    Meal and exercise plan
  •   Daily goals

You can do this in your journal or planner. If you don’t have a planner, I have created a one page daily planner. It has all of these planning tools on one page pdf! Click here to download the printable daily planning worksheet.

#Customize Alarm Tune

          This is a very interesting but powerful hack for productivity. Those typical inbuilt alarm tones can get irritating and hamper your “wake-up energy”. So, customize your alarm tune to a song that you like, preferably a high energy song. This will wake you up in a great mood which will boost your energy levels. But, learn from my mistakes! Change your alarm tone every single week or else you will end you hating your favorite song. #truestory
          Currently my alarm tone is Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Nothing is better than to start a morning with some grooves and moves. Some other songs that I highly recommend are-
 Don’t Worry Be Happy by Jarhead
All that She Wants from The Sign
Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld

# Visualize

          Visualization is so much more than the law of attraction. It is one of the best ways to get motivated, feel positive and be productive. Visualizing your goals or your ideal life gives you a purpose to go through the day. A solid purpose is the best friend of productivity.
          Visualization can be as simple as closing your eyes and going through your ideal day or life. Best tool to help you through visualization process is a vision board. A vision board works on simple effects of visual stimulation on human mind. Also read How to create a vision board that actually works.

# Do the hardest thing first

          I have learnt this with great experience. I almost always kept the hardest task for the last and ended up feeling discouraged. Ever since I have started doing the hardest task on my to-do list first, I have been more productive. I urge you to learn from my experience and start this practice today!
          The simple psychology behind this is that we are most active and fresh when we start working. Utilizing this energy in the hardest task helps you perform that task better. And guess what..? When you complete the hardest task, you feel good about yourself and get motivated for the rest of the day.

# Get Motivated

          You can do a task well when you are motivate to do it. So basically motivation magnifies your productivity. I believe motivation is sustaining when it is internal. So learn to motivate yourself. When you keep yourself motivated, you get the power of getting yourself back on track when you loose focus or get distracted.
          But sometimes when you feel low and internal motivation is not possible, you can always look for motivation from the outside. Read 9 tools for motivation which gives you 9 fantastic external sources of motivation in difficult times.

# Shift your mind-set

          Mind-set is crucial when it comes to productivity. You cannot achieve great heights with a degrading mind-set. Shifting your mind-set is easy with affirmations. Affirmations are positive and empowering statements that you tell yourself to get the perfect mind-set.
          I like to write my affirmations every single morning. You can also read affirmations or even listen to them. A long term mind-set shift can be achieved by believing in yourself. Here is an article about “How to believe in yourself.”

# Get Digital

          We live in the digital world where everything happens on fingertips. The best way to manage all your tasks is digitally. Your digital best friend is Google Calendar. Schedule every big and small thing on your Google Calendar and you don’t have to worry about remembering it. The best part is that it syncs on all your devices and helps you everywhere.
          Make use of the Reminder, Notes, Calendar, Fitness and assistant (siri has simplified my life so much!) apps. Some of my personal favourite are:
Evernote – Note Taking
Pinterest – Inspiration (follow me on Pinterest to see my favourite pins)
Trello – Project management
Google Calendar – Planner
Google Drive – Document Sharing
Flo – Health app (for women)
Make use of all these amazing apps and simplify your life beyond expectation. Also, read 3 Steps to organize your life for organising your thoughts and things both!
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