Setting Balanced Life Goals

Life is quite unpredictable. Sometimes it changes too quickly and sometimes it stays stagnant for too long. Either way, we end up feeling like we are losing our own control over life. When life becomes either monotonous or chaotic, all we need to do is set balanced life goals.

In my case, 2018 was a period of insane amount of changes. I settled into my dream job, left that same job, started working on my business full time, got engaged, traveled a lot and prepared for my wedding. In contrast to this 2019 was monotonous. I got married in the first week of January and ever since then, my routine has been the same. My business has settled and I am was not challenging myself to grow further. Some parts of my life were thriving and some not so much. I needed to refresh my life. In today’s blog post, I want to share how I set new goals to balance my life in all areas.

Here is the blueprint that I followed to refresh my life and set balanced life goals.

1. Divide Life in 5 areas

Considering as many areas of life as possible is the best way to live a balanced life. I am a big fan of Level 10 Life method of goal setting and life auditing (you can read my article here). But, at this stage in my life, 10 areas was just overwhelming and that is why I decided to get it down to the 5 most important areas for me. 

  1. Health – (Mental and Physical)
  2. Relationships – (Close relationships and social relationships)
  3. Career & Finances – (Business, savings & investments)
  4. Spirituality – (religion and belief system)
  5. Lifestyle – (Physical environment, activities and belongings)

These categories encompass almost all areas of life and give a balanced life view. All the next steps in this blueprint are done for each of these areas.

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2. Reflection

Reflection is the most important step in this process. I like to reflect on my overall life goals every week, but it is a generalized review or reflection. You can get my weekly reflection sheets right here. But, for this in depth life refresh, I decided to go all deep in each area of my life. Here are the three questions that help me reflect in each category –

  1. What is thriving?
  2. What is lacking?
  3. How can I grow in this area of life?

Here is my latest life reflection –

H-No illnesses / health issues
-Regular monthly cycle
-Increasing mindfulness 
-Weight gain after marriage
-Increased anxiety
-Regular exercise
-Better nutrition
R– Married life
– Family and friends
– Not making new friends / networking
– Consistent monthly sales
– Short term investments
– Emergency savings
– Lack of new challenges
– Long term investments
– Multiple sources of income
– Take up new challenging work
– Start something new
S– Religious rituals
– Meditation
– Not practicing energy / high vibe activities
L– New phone
– Indoor entertainment
– Learning to cook
– Old laptop
– Outdoor activities
– Save for a vacation
– Weekly explorations

In two categories, I haven’t figured out any ways to improve / grow and that is absolutely okay. If the situation isn’t too bad, keep up with what you are doing now to stay balanced. I have chalked out the improvement activities for the other 3 areas because they need urgent attention.

3. Balanced Goals

What are balanced goals you ask? Balanced goals are multiple goals in multiple areas of life that are in harmony with each other. For example, you cannot have a relationship goal to have a baby and a lifestyle goal to travel the world in the same timelines. Maybe you can travel the world with a newborn, but at the cost of your mental and physical health.

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Every goal in your current goals list should compliment every other goal. Also, each goal should be planned in a way that it does not mess with any other area of life. For example, if your goal is to go on a month long spiritual retreat but at the cost of resigning your current dream job, maybe it is not worth it. At the end of the day, you have to set priorities and balance your goals out.

Once you have your goals, figure out daily or weekly habits that you need to follow or milestones you need to achieve in order to achieve that goal.

Here are my balanced life goals that I want to achieve before 2020 rolls out.

GoalLose 6 kgsConduct 5 digital marketing workshopsGo on a vacation in Jan / Feb
Habits / Milestones-Exercise 5 days / week
-Eat nutritious food
-Drink 4 l of water every day
-Create notes for the workshop-Create presentation for workshop
-Approach 10 institutes
-Save 20k per month
-Track flight rates
-Create an itinerary

So these are my goals for a balanced yet growing life. These fit perfectly in my life, challenge me to grow and do not affect any other area of my life. Share your goals in the comment section below!

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