Sleep Myths


  Sleeping 8 hours a day, is it really ideal? How much sleep is enough sleep? What will happen if we take more or less of the prescribed sleep time?  I am here to answer all these questions based on my extensive research. Enlighten yourself with the proven facts of sleeping.

                8 hours sleep can tend to a lethargic feeling for the rest of the day. Over sleeping causes drowsiness and laziness. This in turn reduces your enthusiasm and affects your performance. Yes, 8 hours cannot be an ideal period for a healthy sleep. So how much should one sleep? 

It is proven through live examples that 6-7 hours of sleep are ideal to keep a man highly productive and creative.  Great leaders in various fields take 6-7 hours of sleep and are active throughout the rest of the day. Let us find out how much time these great leaders sleep.

Hours of Sleep
Elon Musk
CEO, Tesla & SpaceX
Bill Gates
Co-founder, Microsoft
Barak Obama
Ex-President, U.S.
Narendra Modi
Prime Minister, India

                These people sleep for less than 8 hours a day and are on the top of the pyramid. See the pattern? Yes, if these people sleep for less than the worldly accepted period of time and still manage to be so successful, so can us. 8 hours of sleep per day is a myth which should be vanished. Deep sleep is essential for rest and freshness of the mind. There is no ideal time when a person should sleep. 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. is considered most suitable for majority of the people.

Good Sleeping Environment Tips

  •  Use clean and light shade bed-sheets for night time. 
  •  Mild fragrance of essential oils or room freshener will enhance the sleep experience.
  • Meditating before sleeping will help fall asleep quick and better.
  • Complete darkness is essential for unwavering sleep.
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