Small Changes for a healthy lifestyle

Everyone wants a healthy body, but not everyone has a time for all the rituals involved with it. Although I believe working out at least 15 minutes a day should be a priority, I am going to skip that one out of this list. This is simply because a few are too busy while a few are too lazy to do that.

So here are top 6 changes in your regular old life which will help you take a step ahead for that healthy life you have always imagined!

1.      Stop buying unhealthy snack items
This gets top spot in my list because the logic is simple ‘’If you don’t have it, you don’t eat it”. Don’t buy those chips for “just in case I get hungry” or “just a backup if I run out of everything to eat”.  Trust me, this is the first thing you eat even if you are not hungry. Like many of my upcoming tips, this one will not only give you healthy body but also healthy wallet!

                                                      2.      Drink fruit infused water
We all know how important it is to drink water and stay hydrated to have a healthy life. But drinking water can be a task sometimes. Cut slices of our favorite fruits such as oranges or lemon so as to add natural flavor and nutrients to your water. This works in two ways, increased water intake and also increased nutrients through the fruit extracts.

 3.      Walk if the destination is less than a kilometer away

This tip is self-explanatory. Walking for short distances does not take too much of time which is a scare resource for many. Also it works your body out. These small walks will add up to show a major difference in your health levees over the period of time. And yes, of course, you save fuel and hence a lot of money over time!
                                 4.      Eat before you go out

               Eating before you go out is so important that it cannot be stressed enough. When I say ‘go out’, I mean for shopping, to movies, or just to hang out with your friends. This way you will be less likely to snack up with these unhealthy chips or cookies which contribute to majority of your daily calorie intake. Save yourself from excessive calorie intake and credit card bills.

5.      Carry a small bag of almonds or raisins in your bag

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“Don’t buy unhealthy snacks”, “Eat before you go out”, “Don’t snack-up when you go out”… so what should you exactly do you ask? Well, snack healthier. Carry different nuts or maybe fruits with you when you go out. This will temporarily calm your hunger till you find a healthy meal to eat. If you have something in handy, you won’t find a necessity to eat that unhealthy pack of cookies. Don’t eat less, eat better.

                                                  6.      Replace your sweets with fruits

              Craving for a delicious desert after a fulfilling meal should not make you guilty. You should definitely have a sweet tooth. But here’s the catch…instead of that calorie loaded brownie why not a nutrition loaded fruit! Sweet tooth satisfaction guaranteed! Healthy lifestyle guaranteed!

Let’s make these small changes to see a major difference in our same old lives..!!

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