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We all want to live a healthy lifestyle, but have you ever thought what a healthy lifestyle actually means. Well, it is a collaboration of a healthy mind and a healthy body. Here, let us discuss how can you have a healthy mind.

‘An active body is a healthy body’, right? Similarly, to have a healthy mind you need to keep your mind active. But it is not that simple when it comes to mind because you can keep your mind active by feeding it with gossip and that will do you no good.

Why do you need a Healthy Mind?

Before we dive into how to get your brain positively active, let us first take a look at what happens if our mind is not healthy. Here are a few signs that your mind is not healthy –

  1. You spend your free time mindlessly scrolling through your social media.
  2. When you meet people, all you have to talk and share is some hot piece of gossip.
  3. You feel as if you are living a meaningless life.
  4. You feel like you are living the same week over and over again for the longest time.

An unhealthy life has some serious outside effects as well. It affects your relationships, social connections and your overall environment. But enough of the negative talk. Let us see what positive effects you can observe by having a healthy mind –

  1. You start having meaningful conversations with people.
  2. You are enthusiastic to try new things.
  3. Your creativity gets a boost and your work improves.
  4. You spend your time doing things you love and that keeps your mood bright.

An active mind is essential for being positive, nurturing relationships and achieving higher levels of success. So let us just dive in and see how we can activate our mind to improve our lives! And if you are onto living a better life consider reading Getting started with intentional living!

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How to have an Active Mind?

Learning is the best way to have a healthy mind. There are various ways to get an healthy mind but this resource is my favorite because you get to start off for free! This ultimate resource is SkillShare. You can get 2 months of free skillshare by clicking right here!*

The best part is that you don’t need to learn in the traditional setup with huge syllabus, tedious exams and boring lectures. Skillshare classes still have projects to be done so that you learn practically. Basically skillshare is the best way to make learning more fun!

I am going to be honest here and tell you that SkillShare is not the only way to learn new things, but it is giving 2 months free subscription so that you can test the waters. But you can do this with any other learning point. It can be your local classes or any other learning sites.

What should you learn? Well, anything that interests you. Learning does not have to be boring or mind numbing if you are learning something you like. For example, you can take a class on water colouring or bullet journalling. You learn new things and keep your mind active.

Here are a few steps you can follow to find out what you will enjoy learning –

  1. Go to Skillshare* (even if you don’t want to get a subscription)
  2. Create a free account
  3. Surf deeper into various skills – creative, technology, business and lifestyle
  4. See which skills look interesting
  5. Find out what classes are available on those topics
  6. Start learning about the skills you find resonate with you

Learn on Skillshare

Learning can be life changing and I am saying this with experience. I have taken the inspiration of continuous learning from my grandmother who at the age of 70 is still learning new things. She has various health issues but when she gets herself into the learning zone, it all seems to fade away. I aspire to take on those qualities from her.

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One of my New year’s resolution was to maintain a bullet journal. I found a perfect class about How to Maximize Your Productivity with a Planner or Bullet Journal‘*. You can seriously learn about anything and you get a free 2 month trial if you sign up using my link here – Get 2 Months FREE*

How to make learning a priority?

Now that we have established that learning is important to our mental wellbeing, let us find out how to make time for learning. I know all of us are busy either with studies, jobs or kids. But it is still possible to make learning a priority.

You can start by choosing a platform that helps you learn flexibly. This is another reason why I love skillshare as you can start learning from your mobile as well. There are other platforms such as books, youtube or other learning websites as well.

Create a routineĀ around learning. I have 1 hour of my sunday routine dedicated for learning. Suite a time that suits your lifestyle and squeeze the learning ritual into it. Make no more excuses!

Just start. Learning can be addictive in a good sense because once you start, it becomes difficult to stop. So stop procrastinating and just start. Go on SkillShare now and get your 2 months free subscription!* Take action!

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