Weekly Reset System for Increased Productivity

Every single Sunday, I end up feeling like the entire week passed by in a flash. It was just a few days ago that I realized that the third month of 2019 is almost over. In this fast paced life, it is super important to take a moment, reflect on what is happening, let yourself cope with things and then go ahead with the rest of your life. This can be achieved with a weekly reset system.

I came up with my weekly reset system so as to help me review the situations, reflect on my actions and refresh from all the stress. I have created a weekend routine to reset my life for the upcoming week. In today’s blog post, I am sharing my very own weekly reset system to increase my productivity for the next few days. This system has helped me create a weekend routine for myself and make the most of my lazy Sundays.

Why Should You have a Weekly Reset System?

A weekly reset routine -or a ‘GYST (Get your Sh*t Together) Routine” as Kalyn Nicholson calls it- is important for many reasons.

  • Stay on track with your chores
  • Stay focused on your Goals
  • Pause to understand the situation in a different perspective
  • Invest time in yourself to encourage self-love
  • Hustle in a systematic manner to get maximum results

If any of these reasons speak to you, then decide to create a weekly reset system for yourself. I am sharing my weekly reset system here with you for some inspiration.

The Reset Routine

This routine is a basic 4 step routine that makes you feel energized at the end of the day. I usually perform this entire routine on a Sunday to start off my week on a positive note. I am sharing the framework and not the exact routine so that you can create one for yourself as well.


This is the very first step in the routine because you will end up feeling at least 50% more accomplished. In this step, you need to catch up on anything and everything that was put off for another time. In the catch-up session, you can do tasks such as –

  • Weekly rituals such as laundry, car wash, bathroom cleaning, etc.
  • Pending or postponed tasks such as paying the phone bill, getting a new notebook, booking a flight ticket, etc.
  • Making calls to loved ones, taking appointments, etc.
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It feels amazing when you complete all the tasks that were procrastinated all week long. This step makes you feel more in control of your life.

Reflect / Review

I am undoubtedly a fan of reflecting and reviewing. It is important to know what results your actions are getting and how you are prioritizing your time. This step is a total sit down and write kind of step. Journaling or simply deep thinking on different topics will make your path clearer.

I use a weekly reflection worksheet to guide me in this process. You can get one for yourself by clicking right here! This reflection worksheet helps me keep a check on my actions. Some important things that you should cover in your reflection are –

  • Balancing all areas of your life
  • Logging achievements
  • Understanding your struggles with you daily habits
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Soaking in the lessons that you learned that week
  • Keeping up with your long term goals

Reflection is the key to success. Action – Reflection – Refined Action – Success – Repeat


In today’s ‘hustle-culture’, the importance of self-care is underrated. After an intense work week, it is natural to feel drained out and unmotivated. Self-care can help you feel energized and inspired. You need to reward yourself for all the hard work that you put in.

‘Self-care’ can be different for different people. I love lighting up a scented candle, wearing comfort-clothes and reading an enticing novel, so this is my favorite self-care session. But this may not be the case for someone who finds it hard to even read two lines without falling asleep. Self-care is different for everyone, but you can follow some guidelines. Do at least one thing for your mind-body-soul! If you want to create a self-care ritual click here to get your self-care pack.

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1 hour of self-care is all it takes to feel refreshed. I also have a blog post on all the self-care activities that you can do when you are broke. Self-care is not just manis and pedis my dear friend!


Planning for the next week brings on excitement and enthusiasm towards it. I am a planning freak and I have tried so many planning methods. I am working on a blog post on ‘Planning Your Week for Success’ and I will share a detailed version there. But here are some ground rules that boost productivity.

  • Plan the tasks that need to be done for the week
  • Do not plan every single day in detail in your weekly planning session
  • Mark your calendar with all of your appointments or sessions
  • Set weekly goals and intentions

My planner from Tiny Change Life is perfect for this purpose. I plan my weekly tasks every sunday. I plan days separately in detail just the night before. This helps me from overplanning and overestimating my time management skills and my capabilities.

How to create a customized Reset Routine?

Now this was my weekly reset routine. I have shared it so as to inspire you to create yours. How can you create your own routine? Here’s how-

  • Think about how your weekends look like and how much time you have to spare
  • Prioritize the tasks that make you feel more accomplished
  • Use these 4 steps as a framework
  • Fill in your personal tasks and activities

Here you have your own weekly reset routine. You can do this in a single day or complete it over 2 days. Weekly resetting will help you keep a track of everything that is happening in your life. Make time to reset and take charge of your life.

Happy Resetting!

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